Yang Lan Speaks of Love and Marriage to Readers in E China

June 2, 2016
Editor: Sherry Song
Yang Lan Speaks of Love and Marriage to Readers in E China  
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Famous Chinese hostess and businesswoman Yang Lan held a signing event for new book Still in Love at a store in Hangzhou, east China's Zhejiang Province on May 26, sharing her understanding of marriage and life with readers.

The day of the activity was the second after the death of Yang Jiang, well-known Chinese writer and translator. Yang expressed her respects to this literary master by saying, "Madam Yang was a special woman that made her world unique via books, love, emotion and spirit."

Yang stated that women will become stronger once they gain the ability to form a unique space for themselves. "You may able to speak firmly to men one day and say, 'All I need is love; I can deal with the need for bread on my own,'" she said to wild applause.

When asked how she spent Chinese Valentine's Day, Yang answered with happiness, "Every day is Valentine's Day for me and my husband. I still retained the feeling of having a crush on my 20th wedding anniversary last year."

As a hostess, Yang claims she has paid close attention to the relationship between love and marriage. She said the key to maintaining a marriage is to say "I love you" every day.

Moreover, she suggested young readers stand by and grow with their partners if they want to have a high quality relationship.

In addition, Yang encouraged girls to meet more people, and to see the world. Only in this way can they form their own way of thinking and make choices. She believes that true character comes with the increase of knowledge.

"Your love will be pure when you find your own world," she noted.

(Source: qnsb.com/ Translated and edited by Women of China)

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