Artist's Painting Calls for Women's Independence

March 12, 2012
Editor: Liu Yunting

The Four Talented Women by Wang Junying. []

The Four Talented Women by Wang Junying. []

Famous Chinese oil painting artist Wang Junying has created a painting entitled The Four Talented Women in conjunction with this year's International Women's Day, calling for women's independence.

The four talented women featured in the painting are historical figures Cai Wenji, Miao Guan, Lady Wei and Guan Daosheng, who were respectively gifted at playing stringed instruments, chess, calligraphy and painting.

Wang considers her painting to be a gift to women, reminding them to be self-reliant and independent.

"The reason I chose to paint them instead of the Four Great Beauties of China is that I want to convey the message that while beauty may fade, brains and talent will live on forever," she said. She also added that "Modern women should only rely on themselves. They should be the masters of their own fates."

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