Chinese Women More Accepting of New Technologies

July 9, 2014
Editor: Sophia Zhu

According to the recent Roper Reports, launched by GfK, one of the world's leading research firms, China is one of the countries with higher acceptance of new technologies, with women accepting new technologies more easily than men.

The Roper Reports showed that 44% of Chinese Internet users said they were excited about new technology products and services. In contrast, the average level of the Asia-Pacific region (including Australia, Japan, China's Taiwan, Korea, Chinese mainland, Indonesia, India and Thailand), is only 29%, while the total global average is 32%.

In China, a positive attitude towards new technology is more prevalent in the male population, nearly half (49%) of male Internet users hold a positive attitude towards new technologies, the proportion of female Internet users was 39%. About 30% of Chinese Internet users believe that in order to advance with society, they must be proficient in new technology products and services, more female Internet users hold this view than male. Nearly one-third (32%) of Chinese women Internet users agree with this view, compared to only 28% of male users.

GfK also found that the aging population in China also finds new technologies useful and exciting In the 50-59 year old age bracket of Internet users in China, more than a third (35%) hold this attitude, the proportion of the population aged 60 and over is 41%. Far exceeding the average of these two ages in the Asia Pacific region by 19% and 15%, and the global average of 22% and 16%.

General Manager of GfK (China) Zhou Qun said: "The results show that the Chinese market welcomes the introduction of new technology products and services. Different gender groups of all ages showed their excitement of new technology. The hidden market opportunities are obvious, and are not limited to the consumer electronics industry, they also impact other industries such as non-touch pay systems, GPS, entertainment devices and applications for users to control home devices through mobile phones."

Zhou Qun added: "We can see that in the past three years, the rise of online shopping confirms the Chinese consumer attitudes to new technology this year, and the online market will be account for 17% of the Chinese market for technical consumer durables retail scale, while in 2011 this figure was only 8%."

(Source: by Women of China)

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