Women's Home Activity Center Benefits Residents in SW China's Sichuan Province

July 5, 2017
By China Women's NewsEditor: Rong Chen

Parents and children take part in an early childhood education event at the Women's Home activity center at Tuanjie Community, Chenghua District of Chengdu. [China Women's News]


Residents of a community in Chengdu, southwestern China's Sichuan Province, have been enriching their lives by attending various activities at a local Women's Home activity center.

Tuanjie Community is in the city's Chenghua District. Nowadays, since it was converted from a village, many residents are migrant workers or rural people involved in housing demolition and resettlement projects.

The Women's Home activity center is housed in a three-storey building where locals enjoy many federation activities such as parent-child events and self-organized initiatives.

"The center starts from focusing on children-related services offered by professional social organizations, to multiple activities in accordance with residents' needs," said Zhang Guozhen, president of the Chenghua Women's Federation.

"Those initiatives have improved residents' life quality, the Party-people relations, and the harmony within the community," she commented.

Children-related Services

A primary school student named Qiaoqiao said she enjoys drawing, doing homework and art projects at the activity center.

Even at a young age, she knows exactly that this center was founded by the women's federation.

"In the past, people only turned to women's federations when they encountered difficulties with marriage or family issues," said Chen Jinrong, president of a local community women's federation and director of the residents' committee.

Statistics reveal that the community has a population of over 30,000, from about 13,000 households scattering among nine areas, Chen pointed out.

Among them, out of the 10,591 women, around 60 percent are migrants. In addition, there are some 417 migrant children and four youngsters from impoverished families.

Because of the diverse population structure, residents' needs are various and they encounter complex problems, commented Chen.

Moreover, the community was recently transformed from a village, resulting in changes in ideologies and lifestyles among people. In specific, people often have some new demands in terms of children's education and women's skills development, she added.

Therefore, the aim of developing child-related services is to further improve services for women. Meanwhile, those initiatives will inspire women and children to become volunteers and extend such services.

So far, women's federations at both district and community levels hoped to involve some service projects ranking as province-or-city levels into local federation's initiatives. For example, the establishment of the Women's Home activity center was one of the city-level projects in 2015.

Parents' Involvement into Children's Project

Qiaoqiao nowadays enjoys visiting the center together with her parents, both scrap collectors in Chengdu.

However, one year ago she was introverted while her parents were reluctant to join the event.

Xu Chao, a member of staff at the center, was elected as part-time vice-president of the community federation last year.

Speaking of her job responsibilities, Xu said she often accompanies children in their after-school study time and play period.

In addition, she is responsible for data collecting about the federation initiatives and children's needs.

"When we design the project, we aim to change the concept of the parents who once believed children are the only participants. Instead, parents' involvement is also playing a role," commented an organizer of the children's project.

Meanwhile, a parent council was founded at the center, where a teenagers' counseling room, a baby activity zone and a school children's play area were also put into service.

Parents can join those thematic events by registering online, said a member of staff.

Funded by women's federations at different levels, these projects also received aid from government and foundations.

Residents' Self-innovated Organizations

In the community, residents founded a neighbors' assistance association in order to care for nearby elderly people.

Women make up a majority of the association's members, who often visit the elderly and help clean their rooms.

The association is one of the self-innovated organizations that promote projects benefiting local community residents, said Zhang.

The center has become a successful model in serving women, and its relevant experience will be further promoted across the city, Zhang added.

The district federation aims to foster more self-innovated organizations and bring even better ones into the activity center in the future, Chen concluded.

(Source: China Women's News/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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