Hunan Women's Federation Unites Women in Flood Relief Work

July 13, 2017
By China Women's NewsEditor: Rong Chen

Hunan Women's Federation has called on local groups to combine efforts for flood relief work after heavy rains severely hit the region from June 22.

According to a guideline issued by the organization, women's federations at various levels in the central China province should play their role in response tasks whilst acting in accordance with local Party committees and governments.

"Among rescuers, federation officials and women from various departments have joined efforts for the flood relief. They worked under the unified command of local Party committees and governments," said Jiang Xin, president of Hunan Women's Federation.

Although the disaster has eased, women's federations across Hunan should be ready for any unexpected conditions, she added.

Following the governments' leadership, federations should make full use of their advantages in participating in rescue work. Such work could involve sticking to their posts on duty, flood news reporting, investigating hidden risks, and post-disaster assistance work.

Moreover, officials should unite capable women into rescue teams; and, help transfer residents from flood-stricken areas, especially concerning local women and children's safety.

Besides comforting victims through psychological counseling and other aid, federation officials should take care of their own safety.

In the city of Yiyang, a 10-meter-long breach of the dike produced flooding of over 27 hectares of crops and another 6.7 hectares of seafood farms.

Zhou Quan, president of a village women's federation, made a quick response to the dike failure.

As the chief organizer for the operation, Zhou carried out the relief work immediately after she got her rescue plan approved by the local flood control department.

Specifically, she united rescuers to strategically place a wooden raft in order to slow down the flow, and then repaired the dike.

After multiple laborers' continuous efforts along with large vehicles such as excavators and tractors, the dike breach was ultimately fixed within two days.

In the city of Xiangtan, female Party members insisted on joining the front-line rescue team.

In her 50s, Li Jingqun, who serves as deputy-secretary of the Party committee at local Tangxingsi Community, consecutively transferred residents to safety areas during her door-to-door visit via a rescue boat for more than 70 hours.

After sending five people to nearby shelters, Li heard a 94-year-old grandmother was still kept in her flooded house. "I know this old lady. Let me persuade her to board the rescue boat," Li said and continued her rescue journey.

Another female Party member named Peng Le clung to her post of recording victims' contacts besides a telephone since June 29.

Peng hoped her efforts could help deliver information as quickly as possible to the rescue team in a short amount of time.

Her community's women's federation officials, including president Kang Xiangyu and vice-president Chen Hua, delivered supplies to people in need.

In the city of Zhuzhou, federation officials took turns to be on duty in recording local flood conditions and people's safety.

In the township of Lukou, female community secretary Liu Yanzhi and executive committee members of the local women's federation joined rescue efforts to transfer people and their goods to safe places.

Another female Party member named Xia Fengjiao contributed her efforts at the front-line rescue work for three continual days. When colleagues reminded her of her health, Xia said, "I can still insist on my post because that is my job responsibility."

(Source: China Women's News/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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