Hunan Promotes Resolution Mechanism of Family and Marriage Disputes

December 19, 2016
By Zhang YuanEditor: Sherry Song

Attendees at the diverse resolution mechanism initiative and mediation training about marriage and family disputes. [Hunan Women's  Federation]



A diverse resolution mechanism initiative and mediation training about marriage and family disputes was held in Changde City, central China's Hunan Province, on December 13-14, 2016.

The divisions, including the provincial women's federation, Comprehensive Management of Public, High People's Court, Public Security Department and Department of Civil Affairs of the province, and Changde Women's Federation jointly held the initiative. Over 150 representatives from 14 cities and regions attended the activity.

On December 13, organizers invited Liang Yong'an, professor and headmaster of Xiangtan University, to share basic theories, skills and psychology of mediation and the utilization of People's Mediation Law with participants. After heated discussion on various cases, attendees claimed that the training would benefit them in further conducting work on marriage counseling.

Besides, organizers also arranged for attendees to visit a local family and marriage mediation committee and a court in Dingcheng District, and launched the initiative on December 14.

During the initiative, representatives from experimental committees from local Changsha City's Yuelu District, Changde City's Dingcheng District, Yiyang City's Heshan District and Shaoyang City's Daxiang District exchanged their experiences in this work with attendees.

Zhang Yuanyuan, vice-president and member of the Party leadership group of Hunan Women's Federation, summarized the work situation and achievements they have made in mediating family and marriage disputes and also pointed out potential issues.

Zhang suggested that related departments should strengthen cooperation and strongly support each other to prevent and deal with marriage and family issues, laying a foundation to build a prosperous and harmonious province.

Meanwhile, Luo Yongyang, deputy director of Hunan Comprehensive Management of the Public proposed a work arrangement to promote overall construction of the diverse resolution mechanism for marriage and family disputes.

Luo also encouraged officials to learn from each other's advanced experiences and establish a sound working mechanism of the field, preventing the worst consequences of disputes.

According to officials, the province has opened many family and marriage mediation committees in 72 counties, cities and districts around the region, the coverage rate reaching 60 percent. By the end of June this year, the committees had provided consultations to 26,000 couples in total, with around 15,000 of these couples receiving mediation services.

In addition, local experimental committees also made many innovations during their work, which included the promotion of coordination with various functional departments and new working models of the combination between relationship accommodation and dispute resolution; and the construction of a service system between districts, towns and villages and some mediation projects.

The innovations also included a reward system for mediators and the introduction of professional psychological counselors and some volunteer and social work service organizations, the officials stated.

In order to learn advanced experiences, the All-Women's Federation also organized cadres from women's federations at all levels across the country to visit Tianxin District in provincial capital Changsha in 2016.

Moreover, the diverse resolution mechanism construction for marriage and family disputes has been appointed as the only creation project of social governance in Hunan Province by the Central Comprehensive Management of the Public.

The province also has been working to improve standardized construction in related fields, and invited experts from Hunan Normal University to make evaluation on the disputes and mediation situation across Hunan and finish the investigation report by concluding on the successful experiences and analyzing collected data, the official added.



Working principles of a local family and marriage mediation committee in central China's Hunan Province. [Hunan Women's Federation]



(Source: Hunan Women's Federation/ Translated and edited by Women of China)

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