SW China Prefecture Makes Sound Progress in Women's Affairs

April 23, 2018贵州省
By Zhou YulinEditor: Liu Yang

The women's federations in Qian'nan Bouyei and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, southwest China's Guizhou Province, have made a sound progress in poverty alleviation, the building of grassroots branches and the protection of women's rights over the past five years, say officials.

Embroidery Lifts Women out of Poverty

Since this time, Qian'nan Women's Federation has sponsored three skills contests for embroiderers and started 145 relevant workshops and professional cooperatives in a move to help local employment and boost women's incomes.

Statistics show that nearly 30,000 women have been involved in local embroidery businesses. For instance, a dyeing plant in the county of Sandu has provided over 200 employment opportunities, with average personal salaries reaching 30,000 yuan (U.S. $ 4,771) a year.

President of Qian'nan Women's Federation Wu Xiaohong said in a recent interview that the organization of embroidery skill contests has promoted the popularity of relevant ethnic handicrafts amongst locals, inspired them to earn money through independent efforts, and thus helped them live with confidence and respect.

Meanwhile, the development of housekeeping service and the issuance of micro-credit loans have produced more incentives to further boost local women's employment and business startups during the same period.

Innovation Injects Vitality into the Reform

Qian'nan Women's Federation has pressed ahead with an innovative model in the building of its grassroots branches, which received high recognition and praise from Song Xiuyan, Vice President and First Member of the Secretariat of the All-China Women's Federation (ACWF), during her inspection tour to Fuquan in May last year.

According to the innovative model, local grassroots women's federations are expected to better regulate their daily operation and the procedures in discussing women's affairs, and to strengthen their ties with women from all social sectors.

Apart from creating three platforms conducive to local women's social interaction, the development of personal interests and hobbies, and the cultivation of fellowship amongst them, these grassroots branches have contributed their unique efforts to poverty relief, registration of land rights, burial reform and the promotion of social virtues and positive values.

According to Wu, the reform has increased local women's senses of belonging, and responsibility, and motivated their participation in the management of their own affairs.

Safeguarding Women's Legal Rights, Interests

Women's federations across the autonomous prefecture have strengthened their cooperation with local departments of public security, prosecution and justice in the management of family affairs and neighborhood conflicts and the protection of women's lawful rights and interests in the past few years.

At a court in a township of Sandu in 2017, officials successfully mediated 31 lawsuits in relation to domestic conflict and persuaded all concerned parties to voluntarily drop their cases, which totaled 270.

Other counties have also set up voluntary organizations to culturally enrich the lives of local women and help them to peacefully resolve neighborhood conflicts and acquire legal knowledge in the protection of their rights and interests.

Moreover, local women's federations have successfully handled 1,770 cases of 1,799 letters and visits made by the public over the past five years.

In addition, they have worked hard to hold family education, strengthen the ties between the Party and the public, lecture local women about latest Party's theories and policies, and encourage them to aspire for higher contributions to social and economic development.

(Source: cnwomen.com.cn/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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