ACWF President Calls for Deepened Reform, Poverty Alleviation to Serve Citizens

July 23, 2017
Editor: Jane Wang

Shen Yueyue, vice-chairperson of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC) and president of the All-China Women's Federation (ACWF), recently carried out an inspection tour in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, paying particular attention to law enforcement.

During the trip, Shen held talks with local women's federation officials at various levels.

She urged them to thoroughly study and implement Chinese President Xi Jinping's keynote remarks; deepen federation reform; better serve the country's overall situation; and, make full use of their roles to carry out poverty alleviation.

Shen emphasized that women's federations at different levels should regard Xi's remarks as guidelines to steadily push forward reform; make great efforts to improve the actual effectiveness of targeted poverty-alleviation; work to better serve women in respect to the country's overall situation; and, embrace the upcoming 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) with positive reform results.

At the event, Shen earnestly listened to officials' speeches and exchanged ideas.

Later, Shen gave a positive evaluation of the region's Party Committee by praising local officials who have conscientiously implemented the Party's mass organization's working spirit; enhanced their leadership to promote the reform; and, led the large number of women to play their role of "holding up half-the-sky" in fighting against poverty and advancing development across the region.

Meanwhile, Shen gave her approval to local women's federations across the region for creatively carrying out their jobs.

Officials in attendance made speeches respectively from different perspectives at the event, including: Liu Yongmei, president of Guangxi Women's Federation; Huang Qiuxing, president of the women's federation in Baise City; Wei Hanguo, president of the women's federation in Du'an County; Yao Licui, president of the women's federation in Rongshui County; and, Luo Cuimei, president of the women's federation in Tiandeng County.

Shen's Remarks about the 19th CPC National Congress

The upcoming keynote CPC congress is a major issue in people's political life among all ethnicities, Shen remarked.

Women's federations at all levels should act in accordance with the unified arrangement of the CPC Central Committee; highlight the publicity and implementation of the congress; and, lead the general population of women to "appreciate the Party's warmth and care and feel happy lives".

Furthermore, Shen added that women's federation officials should lead women nationwide to boost their confidence on the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics, in terms of the theory, scheme and culture; guide them to closely unite around the CPC Central Committee with Xi as the core; and, firmly follow the path of the Party.

Shen's Remarks about the Federation Reform

Women's federations at different levels should thoroughly study Xi's keynote remarks in relation to federation reform; and, constantly deepen the reform work to better serve women in the country's overall situation, Shen said.

Officials should stick to following the CPC leadership; maintain their work's politically advanced nature; fulfill their job responsibilities in politics; lead the general population of women to follow the path of the Party; solve problems in time and build a service-oriented organization; and, take precise measures to promote the reform implementation in grassroots levels.

Enhancing the construction of grassroots women's federations should be the focus for reform. Shen noted the importance of speeding up transforming women's representative committees into women's federations across the region and expanding personnel at the grassroots levels.

Considering enhancing women's related work online as breakthroughs for the reform work, Shen encouraged federations to lead women to strengthen their ideological guidance to create a new work pattern.

Local women's federations should keep close connection with women and actively connect other mass organizations and social organizations.

Shen's Remarks about Poverty Alleviation

Shen pointed out that women's federations at all levels should comprehensively study Xi's remarks on poverty alleviation; fully understand the importance of helping remote areas shake off poverty as scheduled; practically strengthen the political sense of responsibility of assisting the Party and government in tackling poverty; and, lead the large number of women to play their role of "holding up half-the-sky" in combating poverty.

The implementation of fighting against poverty should be paid greater attention, Shen stressed.

Therefore, Shen put forward several specific suggestions.

The publicity of those women who have escaped poverty with their hard work and training sessions on improving impoverished women's self-development should be strengthened.

More measures supported by the women's federations should be made use of to help disadvantaged citizens boost their incomes, including through the guaranteed small-loan policy and microcredit scheme.

Meanwhile, Shen concluded that women's related cooperatives, demonstration bases and family farms, special brand service industries and e-commerce platforms should be vigorously developed.

More social resources should be largely pooled and good poverty-alleviation policies should be well taken advantage of to help the underprivileged women and children.

(Source: Women Voice/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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