Eight Female MartyrsAnti-Japanese Heroines

June 19, 2011
Editor: Zhao Chenxi





In October 1938, eight female soldiers from the Northeastern Anti-Japanese United Army jumped into the river and died after using up their bullets in a fierce fight against the Japanese army. They were Leng Yun, Hu Xiuzhi, Yang Guizhen, Guo Guiqin, Huang Guiqing, Wang Huimin, Li Fengshan, and An Shunfu.

Leng Yun, born in 1915, was from northeast China's Helongjiang Province. She joined the Communist Party of China in 1934 and began to participate in anti-Japanese activities. In 1936, she joined the Northeastern Anti-Japanese United Army No.5 Regiment. That summer of 1938, Leng buried the pain of losing her husband, bid farewell to her two-month-old baby, and set out on the West Expedition as the group's director. Women soldiers in the expedition team fought as bravely as men. In early October, the team encountered a regiment of the Japanese army, numbering over 1,000 soldiers, at the ferry crossing on the Mudanjiang River. The eight female soldiers had walked to the river bank and were about to cross, remaining to provide cover for the majority of their own comrades. They engaged in a fierce battle with the Japanese army. In the end, they had spent all their ammunition and were forced to surrender. They all decided that they would rather die than surrender. Dropping their weapons, they jumped into the river.

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