• Chinese Dream for National RejuvenationMay 22, 2015Chinese President Xi Jinping has decided to look outside the Communist Party of China (CPC) to pool strength for realization of the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation. The Chinese Path and the Chinese Dream
  • Wang Kerong, Nurse in the Response to AIDSApril 8, 2014"I've had this dream for a long time that patients with HIV-related illness can receive timely medical treatment without discrimination and live the same normal lives as other people"
  • Liu Yuening, Boosting India-China Musical TiesMarch 27, 2014"Despite my great appreciation for Indian musical culture, I will never forget I am a Chinese musician and the responsibility I bear to share and spread Chinese musical culture. I love doing these things and I am very proud of being the first Chinese folk musician to pave the way for Sino-Indian cultural exchange."
  • Liu Bohong: Pioneer Researcher in Women's StudiesMarch 27, 2014"My dream is for my future research to help more women enjoy their deserved rights and lead happy lives."
  • Zhou Yuehua, Disabled Doctor Treating Villagers for over 20 YearsMarch 24, 2014"I simply want to be recognized as a good doctor and heal the sick. My patients' health is my happiness. In my eyes, it is the responsibility of village doctors to serve the healthcare needs and improve the health conditions of people in rural areas."
  • Wang Hailing: Don't Give Up on DreamsMarch 24, 2014"Despite getting older, I still have great passion towards life because the power of my dreams fills my ambitions and excites me to realize my different goals at different stages of life."
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