Delegates Spread Spirit of CPC Congress at Grassroots Units

December 7, 2017
Editor: Connie Kang
Delegates Spread Spirit of CPC Congress at Grassroots Units

Women delegates to 19th CPC National Congress have recently been spreading the spirit of the Congress and interpreting the "craftsman spirit" at the grassroots units in Tianjin. [Tianjin Women's Federation]


Female Party delegates in north China's Tianjin went to the grassroots units to interpret the report to the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and share their learning experiences with grassroots officials and the people as soon as the meeting was concluded in Beijing in October.

On November 16, the delegates attended a friendly "boudoir chat" about events that are closely related to everyone at a worker's apartment with the female factory workers and those working with garden sanitation.

"We are back home!" said women delegates including textile expert Zhang Bingbing, oil field expert You Lihong, highway guard Wu Jing, and 'voice angel' Yang Ruqian. "The Congress report proposes the spirit of a labor model and craftsmen. As a model worker and oil craftsman, could you please share your understanding of the craftsmanship spirit?" an worker from Tianjin Seagull Watch Group asked You Lihong, the group leader in the No.1oil production operation area of fifth oil production plant in Dagang Oilfield.

"In my opinion, the connotations of the spirit of craftsmanship include dedication, excellence, concentration and innovation. First of all, dedication means that whatever we do, we are supposed to love our job and devote ourselves to it," answered You.

"Secondly, we should pursue excellence and improve our professional skills constantly.

"Thirdly, concentration is exactly what a craftsman needs. It demands that we insist on doing one thing well for decades.

"Finally, China has many traditional techniques, which have to keep up with the times and adapt to the development of today's enterprises. Thus, it really makes sense to inherit them with innovation," You concluded. Her answer won loud applause.

Zhang Bingbing, a woman from the countryside, became a textile worker at the age of 20 and has been keeping the top level in the city. After becoming a helping turner, she found out the new methods of weaving operation and unreservedly taught her team. After being transferred to the local textile museum last year, she has worked hard to practice her interpreting skills and has received tens of thousands of tourists.

Zhao Yuqing, a gardener who was honored as the National Most Beautiful Blue-sky Guardian, asked Zhang about the new requirements for environmental protection in the Congress report.

"According to the national policy, polluting enterprises in the textile industry have been closed. Now our country must move towards manufacturing power and the textile industry should also promote the domestic brands," said Zhang.

"The report pointed out that what China now faces is the contradiction between the people's ever-growing needs and unbalanced and inadequate development. Thus, our task is to meet people's needs for clothing, so that people can dress beautifully and comfortably," said Zhang.

According to Wu Jing, the Congress report is broad and profound and it enables everyone to find his or her own direction. Yang Ruqian was greatly inspired by the people-centered spirit and made up her mind to continue sticking to the post of the service hotline and set up a bridge between the people and the Party.


Delegates Spread Spirit of CPC Congress at Grassroots Units
Zhang Bingbing talks during the event. [Tianjin Women's Federation]
Delegates Spread Spirit of CPC Congress at Grassroots Units
You Lihong encourages women workers to use the "nail spirit" and do their job well by telling her own experiences. [Tianjin Women's Federation]
Delegates Spread Spirit of CPC Congress at Grassroots Units

Wu Jing delivers a speech. [Tianjin Women's Federation]

Delegates Spread Spirit of CPC Congress at Grassroots Units

Yang Ruqian delivers a speech. [Tianjin Women's Federation]


(Source: China Women's News/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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