Beijing Launches Activities to Study, Implement Spirit of 12th NWC

December 29, 2018
Editor: Xie Wen
Beijing Launches Activities to Study, Implement Spirit of 12th NWC
Participants attend a women's legal knowledge contest in Beijing. []


Four delegates to the 12th National Women's Congress (NWC) of China participated in a discussion session at the No.1 Cultural Center of Dongcheng District, in Beijing, on November 13 to study and implement the spirit of the congress.

The four delegates were: Song Yushui, part-time vice-president of the All-China Women's Federation (ACWF) and the vice-president of Beijing Intellectual Property Court; Meng Man, part-time vice-president of the ACWF and professor of Minzu University of China; Ju Ping, a member of the Standing Committee of the ACWF and TV host; and, Olympic table tennis champion Deng Yaping.

Song shared the outstanding achievements of women's work in the past 40 years since the introduction of reform and opening up through her speech "Strengthening the Legal System, Promoting Innovation, Contributing Women's Power" and called on all women to rally around the Party.

In her speech, Meng interpreted that women's federations' efforts to encourage women to follow the Party's lead and make their achievements in career exactly reflected that the federations have been politically conscious, advanced and represent the people. Meanwhile, Ju shared several touching stories mentioned in letters from her young viewers, and illustrated her responsibilities in guiding youth to have correct values.

Deng delivered a speech on the theme "Practicing Sports-related Public Welfare and Caring for Women and Children." She shared stories about her own growth and encouraged women to fight and keep up with time in the new era.

Over 400 people attended the event, which was a part of the many activities conducted by Beijing Women's Federation (BWF), according to organizers.  

In order to guide the majority of women to systematically study and understand the situation, and deeply and concretely publicize the spirit of the important speeches made by President Xi Jinping and the 12th NWC, BWF has launched various actions, which included opening themed columns on new media and carrying out themed publicity activities.

BWF has also introduced a series of events to better fulfill officials' duties and missions given to them by the Party.

They have implemented full-coverage educational activities with multiple forms by making full use of various traditional media and new media platforms among the general public at various levels based on Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era.

When he met the new leadership of the ACWF, President Xi explained that it is necessary to uphold the basic State policy of gender equality and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of women and children.

To fulfill this purpose, BWF has taken the spirit of the 12th NWC as its guideline, promoted positive values, and continuously expressed its position on various new media platforms to promote gender equality.

In addition, BWF organized officials to visit to the major exhibition commemorating the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening-up at the National Museum of China, in Beijing, as well as holding a special symposium, writing activities, and special promotional video to guide women to perceive their sense of well-being and fulfillment through small changes.

Several women from various fields stated their own opinions respectively about making achievements in the new era.

Jiang Dongyan, Secretary of the Party Group and President of the Women's Federation in Chaoyang District, Beijing

Jiang said, "As an official from a grassroots women's federation, I am fortunate to participate in the 12th NWC as a delegate and excited to be able to intensively discuss women's work with many outstanding delegates.

"In view of the large female population, the high proportion of women in the new social stratum and the diverse needs of women in all walks of life in Chaoyang, the Party group of my federation will strengthen the ideological and political leadership of the general public of women and better play women's unique role in social and family life."

Wang Zhili, Deputy Director, Professor of Ultrasonic Diagnosis Department of the General Hospital of the People's Liberation Army

Wang said, "As a military surgeon, I felt the heavy responsibility after learning the spirit of the important speech made by President Xi. I will be more determined to realize my own value in my field in the new era.

"I will also transform the great goal of strengthening the construction of the army into practical actions, and inspire more female soldiers to make contributions in the new era."

Li Xuemei, Director of the Beijing News Department of Beijing Daily

Li noted that, "The 12th NWC has highlighted the key tasks for the work of women's federations and the development of women and children in the next five years. The work report has repeatedly mentioned the publicity work.

This is a clear request and expectation directed at us journalists.

"Thus, we share the bright prospect of promoting the basic State policy of gender equality; publicizing the achievements of the development of women and children's work in the city; creating a good atmosphere of highlighting and supporting the causes of women, and showing women's pioneering spirit."

Yu Wenjing, Political Commissar of Baimiao North Police Station of Tongzhou Public Security Bureau, Beijing

Yu said at the event that, "As the only female political commissar in the city's checkpoint, I paid special attention to the ideological and political work in the station and organized various forms of Party building activities to rally my fellow police officers around the Party.

"I have always adhered to the front line to display women's capability through my own actions. I feel truly honored to be able to work with other female police officers," Yu said.

Liu Yan, Secretary of General Party Branch, President of Xishan School of High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China

Liu said, "Xi's important speech has pointed the direction and provided a fundamental follow-up for education in the new era and the development of women's work.

"As an educator and winner of the Beijing March 8th Red-Banner Medal, I will bear in mind the mission of strengthening moral education and cultivating people, and exploring the future education model with Chinese characteristics and foreign elements.

"Meanwhile, I will pay extra attention to making full use of the unique role of the majority of women, and widely transmit positive energy to society," said Liu.

Zhang Meng, President of Hypervic Coffee (An innovation accelerator for youth)

Zhang stated at the session that, "The report of the 12th NWC commented that it is necessary to establish a lifelong learning philosophy, enhance scientific literacy, and maintain a positive attitude towards life, with a good moral quality and a healthy lifestyle.

"It is our goal to help young people to spend a worthwhile life in the direction they love. It is also our determination to follow the women's federation."


Beijing Launches Activities to Study, Implement Spirit of 12th NWC
The 10th session of the 13th Executive Committee of the Beijing Women's Federation is held. []
Beijing Launches Activities to Study, Implement Spirit of 12th NWC
Participants attend a session to study and implement the spirit of the 12th National Women's Congress in Beijing. []
Beijing Launches Activities to Study, Implement Spirit of 12th NWC
Participants attend a publicity activity to study and implement the spirit of the 12th National Women's Congress in Beijing. []
Beijing Launches Activities to Study, Implement Spirit of 12th NWC
Performers on stage in Daxing District []
Beijing Launches Activities to Study, Implement Spirit of 12th NWC
Volunteers conduct activities in Pinggu District. []
Beijing Launches Activities to Study, Implement Spirit of 12th NWC
Changping Women's Federation organizes citizens to participate in skills training. []
Beijing Launches Activities to Study, Implement Spirit of 12th NWC
People participate in the family training session. []


(Source: Translated and edited by Women of China)

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