Female Teacher Spares No Effort to Help Children in the Mountains

Female Teacher Spares No Effort to Help Children in the Mountains
Meng Xiaomei has served as a teacher in a mountain school in Xincheng County, Guangxi, for 27 years. [gxnews.com.cn]


A woman has served as a teacher in a mountain school in Xincheng County, south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, for 27 years, during which time she has funded over 500 teachers and students with the funds that she has raised personally.

Meng Xiaomei said that however hard or busy her work is, she feels happy as long as she thinks of the children's innocent eyes longing for knowledge.

Neiren Primary School is located in Dashishan mountainous area of Xincheng County in central Guangxi. It is far from the highway and had no access to electric power until after 1995.

Hired as a substitute teacher in 1991, Meng was finally transferred to become a public teacher in 2008.

The tough conditions and her identity as a substitute teacher had shaken her decision to stay many times, especially when knowing that her peers would earn her whole year's income in a couple of days.

She did have a plan in mind to leave one day, but eventually decided to stay when catching sight of students shedding tears fearing that she would leave.

It was until then that Meng came to realized that the children were not able to leave her, and neither was she able to leave them.

Later, Meng also started funding a student, Zhu Wu, in her class in 1996. She walked for two hours to visit the little boy at the start of the new semester when she found that he was not at school.

On hearing that the boy decided to drop out of school due to poverty, she decided to help him pay his tuition fees, even though she barely had any money left after paying for her mother's medicine with her low salary.

As she has always visited students from the impoverished families, she further strengthened her determination to raise funds for the poverty-stricken children so as to provide them with hope and warmth.

Meng took the initiative to be the person in charge of the school's public welfare program in 2010.

She has connected with 13 public welfare organizations and many caring units and people to raise funds for the children in poverty-stricken mountainous areas over the past decades.

In order to ensure the transparency and fairness of the fund allocation, she has registered and rectified each and every specific distribution.

Being responsible for charity events is hard work, and Meng not only gets no pay for it but rather pays for the transportation fees at her own expense. Despite of all these, she would still persist in what she is doing without the slightest complaint.

Her endeavor in teaching as well as devotion to charity work has gained her the recognition of the Communist Party of China, the whole society, and, of course, the children.

Wei Shudan, a poverty-stricken student who received her help, wrote her a poem to praise her and express her gratitude after entering university.

Meng, as a deputy, attended the 19th National Congress of Communist Party of China in 2017. She said that she would continue to devote herself to the children and the school for the rest of her life.

(Source: China Women's News/ Translated and edited by Women of China)