The 1st National Women's Congress

The 1st National Women's Congress
The First National Women's Congress


March 24, 1949 is a date worth remembering for all Chinese women. On that day, the First National Women's Congress of China was convened. The All-China Women's Democratic Federation — the first national women's organization in China — was thus established.

The First National Women's Congress was held in Huairen Hall of Beiping (now Beijing) from March 24-April 3, 1949, and was attended by more than 500 deputies. The congress was held a few months before the thorough victory of the Chinese people's liberation. 

Deputies passed the report "Current Orientation of Chinese Women's Movement and Its Tasks," which summarized experiences of the women's movement during the period of new democratic revolution and pointed out its general tasks. Among the tasks were: to "carry through the struggle against imperialism, feudalism and bureaucratic capitalism to the end and establish the united people's democratic republic;" and "launching and mobilizing urban and rural women to take part in various productive undertakings beneficial to economic construction." The congress approved the "Constitution of the All-China Women's Democratic Federation" (ACWDF) and announced its formal establishment. He Xiangning was elected Honorary President and Cai Chang President.

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