The 2nd National Women's Congress

The Second National Women's Congress
Deputies to the Second National Women's Congress have a photo taken with Deng Fangzhi (2nd from right, front row), mother of Hero Huang Jiguang of the Chinese People's Volunteer Army. 


The Second National Women's Congress was also held in Huairen Hall of Beijing, from April 15-23, 1953, and was attended by 916 deputies. ACWDF Vice-President Deng Yingchao released a report entitled "Summary of Chinese Women's Movement in the Past Four Years and Its Future Tasks." Deng pointed out in her report, "It is a pivotal task to devote great efforts to mobilize and organize Chinese women and to fully demonstrate their potential in industrial and agricultural production and in the construction of the motherland in various respects." The ACWDF constitution was revised at the congress. Soong Ching-Ling and He Xiangning were elected Honorary Presidents and Cai Chang President.

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