The 4th National Women's Congress

The Fourth National Women's Congress
Deputies from different parts of China at the Fourth National Women's Congress


The Fourth National Women's Congress was held from September 8-17, 1978 with 1,997 deputies in attendance. ACWF Vice-President Kang Keqing issued a report entitled "Lofty Tasks of the Chinese Women's Movement in a New Era." The report summarized rights and wrongs of the 21 years since the third congress and put forward the slogan: women are expected to participate in the construction of the four modernizations and the realization of the four modernizations will benefit women. (The four modernizations are: modernization of industry, modernization of agriculture, modernization of military, and modernization of science and technology.) Soong Ching-Ling, Cai Chang and Deng Yingchao were elected Honorary President and Kang Keqing President.

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