The 5th National Women's Congress

Deng Yingchao and Kang Keqing together with Vice-Presidents of the ACWF at the Fifth National Women's Congress


The Fifth National Women's Congress was convened in Beijing from September 2-12, 1983 and ACWF President Kang Keqing issued a report entitled "Strive for Self- improvement and Open up New Prospect of the Women's Movement." She spoke on the work policy of "resolutely safeguarding the legal rights and interests of women and children." A key principle of that policy involves providing children with a sound growing environment of feeding, cultivating and educating and displaying women's importance to the construction of socialist material and ethical civilization. She emphasized on four points that women need for self-development and safeguarding their rights and interests: self-esteem, self-respect, self-discipline and self-improvement. Kang Keqing was elected President.

(Women of China)