Women Work Together to Build International Tourism Island

  • April 18, 2013
  • By Fan Wenjun
  • Editor: Ma Shilei
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Women of Hainan are known for their diligence and bravery. They are kind, frank, tenacious and generous. The famous Red Detachment of Women once lived and fought in Hainan. Liu Jin, President of Hainan Women's Federation, says each woman in Hainan is a pearl of the South Sea. Cadres of the women's federation should work for women, with passion and sincerity, at the grass-roots level, says Liu. In this way, the federation can unite the strength of Hainan's women in the cause of building an international tourism island — and a beautiful China. 

Liu Jin was born in Southwest China's Sichuan Province in 1965. From 1981 to 1988, she studied at Peking University, where she received her undergrad degree, and then Renmin University of China, where she majored in international law. By the time she had graduated, with a master's degree, from Renmin University, Hainan Province had been established by the Chinese Government. Liu accepted a teaching position in the law school at Hainan University. During the past 25 years, she has held the positions of professor, at Hainan University; deputy director of the university's President's Office; deputy director of the province's Department of Education; deputy director of the province's Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office; and deputy president of Hainan Provincial People's Association of Friendship with Foreign Countries. She also earned her Ph.D. with a concentration in Jurisprudence, from Renmin University. She also studied at the University of Hawaii and Harvard Kennedy School (Harvard University).

But June 28, 2011, was an especially significant day for Liu; she was elected President of Hainan Women's Federation. Since her election, Liu has been writing and thinking extensively about women's issues. For example, she wrote an article that focused on innovations in women's affairs in the cause of CPC (Communist Party of China). That article was published in People's Daily in August 2011. She suggested the federation's work should be considered in the cause of the Party (Communist Party of China).

"The federation should concentrate its work on women's development and rights protection. Legal means are undoubtedly very important and should even be one of the most important means for protecting women's rights," says Liu.

Given her background in law, Liu has formed a clear vision and direction, supported by legal methods, for the federation's work long into the future. Liu has charted a simple course for the federation; the plan is to promote women and children's development and to use the law to protect their rights. The federation will also cultivate legal personnel and advance the development and implementation of the Program for Women and Children's Development (2011-2020).

Women of China recently interviewed Liu. The following is that exclusive interview, in question-and-answer format:

Women of China (WOC): Since you have been head of Hainan Women's Federation, what has impressed you the most?

Liu: I have worked with Hainan Women's Federation for more than one year. Before I took on my current post, I was not familiar with the federation's work. Now, I know many people, from the All-China Women's Federation and Hainan Women's Federation, and from municipal women's federations to women at the grass-roots level. I have been impressed, deeply, by the federation's work.

First, I think party committees and governments, at all levels, think highly of women's affairs and the federation's work. Any request from the federation and women will be considered and supported by all parties, especially by the Party committee and government.

For instance, Hainan Province launched the Provincial Program for Women's Development (2011-2020) last year. During the process of formulating the program, the provincial Party committee and the provincial government paid great attention to the program and fully supported the formulation process. All 33 members of the Working Committee on Women and Children helped formulate the program.

Furthermore, the program of One Yuan, launched by the All-China Women's Federation, has been highly prized by the central government. As a result of that program, the Chinese Government has made it a policy to allocate an additional 1 yuan (16 US cents) per woman in China to the federation's budget. Hainan's provincial Party committee and Hainan's provincial government have been attaching great importance to the program. In 2011, the provincial government implemented the policy.  Now, there are 4.21 million women in Hainan. The federation receives an additional 1 yuan per woman (in its budget) from the provincial government. That enhances the federation's ability to work for women.

Second, I think the federation should stay in contact with grass-roots women. Women's affairs are different from other types of work handled by government. Since women come from all walks of life, we should go down to the grass-roots level to listen to women's requests. Last year, we scored an unprecedented achievement in helping grass-roots women and working for women from all walks of life. During the process, we worked with great passion.

When common people turn to the federation for help, when they get into trouble, we are moved by their strong belief that the federation is their home. I have encountered women who have suffered from breast cancer or cervical cancer. When we visited their homes, they embraced us and cried. I realized that we should help them, because they had a strong belief in Party and government. Women rely on the federation, so we shoulder great responsibilities. The federation should help women in need, and it should be the place where they can really feel at home.

Third, I think I should use my advantages as I serve women and children. The federation's work requires some innovation and promotion. Gender equality must be promoted to ensure that everyone understands and supports it. Publicity campaigns are also needed to ensure the basic State policy of gender equality and the principle of giving priority to children are adequately carried out.

WOC: What will be the federation's main focus in 2013?

Liu: Setting up brands will be the federation's main focus in 2013. We have to inherit traditional brands while we try to establish new brands. The first brand is International Women's Day. Hainan's provincial government in 2009 adopted the policy of creating an international tourism island. What role can the federation play in helping the province realize that goal? The women's federation can help the provincial government advance the development of the tourist industry, the development of agriculture and the comprehensive development of society.

Therefore, building International Women's Day into a brand can help the government achieve such developments. On one hand, Women's Day is a traditional brand; on the other hand, we can add more features to the day.

In combination with the policy of building an international tourism island, the celebration of Women's Day can be used to publicize female culture and the image of Hainan's women. We have taken measures to promote excellent women's groups, such as the Red Detachment of Women (a group of female soldiers) and other groups of modern women. On Women's Day, in addition to publicity and arts activities, there are activities that focus on rights protection and taking care of women and children in trouble.

The second brand is the "Pearl of South Sea." In Hainan, we compare every woman to a pearl — a shining pearl. We set up a team, named Pearl of South Sea, to deliver speeches on the topics of the 18th National Congress of the CPC, gender equality, placing a priority on children, fashion, health and all other topics that concern people. In addition, we established an art troupe and sports team, both of which we named Pearl of South Sea.

We own another brand — Women's Home. As we have to keep the grass-roots level in mind, the women's home is the most important aspect of the federation's work. Every village and community in Hainan has established a Women's Home. Hainan Women's Federation has made great efforts to take full advantage of each Women's Home, by equipping each facility with newspapers, magazines and books. This year, we will continue working on delivering newspapers and magazines to every Women's Home.

Hainan's women can work together to build an international tourism island. They will devote themselves to the cause of building a beautiful China. Hainan Women's Federation will unite all parties and play a significant role in the process.

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