Famous Host Endeavors to Improve Family Education

October 10, 2018
Editor: Wu Shanshan
Famous Host Endeavors to Improve Family Education
Tao Zhen speaks on the stage. [Women Voice]


A caring radio host from central China's Henan Province has set up different platforms and held numerous public activities over the past three years to spread child education knowledge and contribute to children's healthy growth.

Tao Zhen is a host at Henan Radio Broadcasting and TV Station and has worked in her specialty for nearly 30 years, attracting many fans of all ages.

She has held many other positions, such as executive member of the Standing Committee of Henan Youth Federation and vice chairman of Zhengzhou Youth Federation. She is also a writer, photographer and volunteer.

For herself, however, she prefers the identity of "mother Zhen".

She says she has found that many people's psychological problems stem from their early family relationships, especially if they were only rarely accompanied by their parents when they were young.

Tao attributes her inspiration to experience at work. She set up a special group account on the social media app WeChat in 2015 and called on parents to spend more time with their children for their healthy growth.

As the number of participants increased, 30 WeChat groups were gradually established in total, involving over 200,000 people. Tao recruited 30 individuals to manage every group.

Tao has given nearly 500 hours of online classes to an audience of over 500,000. Professionals passed on knowledge and solved problems concerning children's mental health, balanced diet, reading habits and language expression.

Tao has also organized visits and donation to leukemia patients and made short movies to promote care for the unaccompanied children of migrants.

She has organized many parent-child activities which drew nearly 80,000 participants and have affected nearly 200,000 families.

As one of the charity activities affiliated with Henan Women's Federation, Tao's online courses have been duplicated offline and spread to 18 cities across the province.

As one of the honorees, Tao attended the award ceremony of the "Top 100 Positive Stories of Female Netizens" campaign in February this year.

The event was jointly hosted by the Publicity Department of the All-China Women's Federation and the Social Work Bureau of the Cyberspace Administration of China.

As the mother of an eight-year-old boy, Tao said the core of education is that parents should accept their children comprehensively, and admire them whilst being their friend.


Famous Host Endeavors to Improve Family Education
Famous Host Endeavors to Improve Family Education
Famous Host Endeavors to Improve Family Education


(Source: Women Voice/ translated and edited by Women of China)