Amiable Female Official Helps Villagers Escape Poverty in SW China

September 17, 2018
Editor: Wu Shanshan
Amiable Female Official Helps Villagers Escape Poverty in SW China
Hu Chunlin communicates with villagers. []


An official from southwest China's Guizhou Province has made great sacrifices and achievements in the improvement of the wellbeing of residents at a small village, since her arrival with a mission of poverty reduction this March.

Hu Chunlin is director of the Fuquan Media Centre in Fuquan, a city in Guizhou.

Earlier this year, the local government launched its campaign to encourage more public servants to take a part in helping villagers escape poverty, in response, over 700 officials from the city have entered the mountainous area.

Hu also joined them, taking her baby daughter and her mother along for the mission.

Hu was held responsible for Damawo villagers' group, which is one of the 19 villager groups in Dahuashui village, in Fuquan.

In the villager group she was assigned to, more than 60 percent of the 300 villagers from 59 households worked elsewhere.

And over a long period of time, due to the remoteness of the area, local people have known little about the outside world, Hu recalled.

And, as they lived far from the township government, the villagers did not seem to fully comprehend the national policies or some of the laws and regulations.

At the outset, their ideas were widely divided and the conferences held by Hu always ended up in a quarrel, without obtaining any results.

Given the situation, Hu thought that the very first thing that she had to do was to remove the barriers between her and the villagers and try her best to become accepted by them.

The grassroots voiced their grievances, which were issues of their main concern, and only by solving these problems could she expect to have their support in other work and gather their strength to shake off poverty and achieve prosperity in the village, she thought to herself.

With this in mind, Hu decided to shift her focus to facilitating communication with villagers.

The first problem she solved was the ecological compensation prior to the year of 2015. When she learned that the villagers were all suspicious of the whereabout of the money, Hu actively found out about the actual situation and explained it to everyone with great patience. Yet she still could not eliminate the villagers' doubts, thus she decided to take the villagers to the forestry station. There she explained national policies and show them relevant documents and eventually removed their doubts with real evidence.

In addition to this, she has also helped many people solve conflicts and difficulties in the village over the past few months.

For example, two men in the village who had quarreled for 30 years over an ownership dispute of a piece of land, as they both believed they were the owner.

Hu convinced them in only two months by referring to Chinese ancient legend and stories. Fortunately, the long-lasting conflict was finally resolved.

When Hu learned that a poverty-stricken villager's beehives were damaged by some insects, she sought help from her uncle, who also raised bees, and bought pesticide on the internet for the villager, thus helping him solve the problem.

Under her guidance, villagers started to show concern for their living environment. After visiting the neighbor village, they were inspired and started raising money to build a flower pond for the village group.

"Thanks to Hu, our home became cleaner and more beautiful than before," a villager said.

Numerous communications between her and the villagers compassion and care for the villagers helped her win their recognition. Under her influence, an atmosphere of smooth communication is created whereby neighbors also became more harmonious.

Speaking of her experience in this regard, Hu said: "Only through communication with villagers in earnest and sincerity would it allow you to find true happiness in doing so.

 Every day I found myself deeply moved by the integrity and kindness of the local people. I deem it the greatest benefit to enter the village that brings a closer tie between Party members and villagers," she concluded.

(Source: Translated and edited by Women of China)