NPC Deputy Chi Susheng Talks about 'Micro-blogging Anti-trafficking'
2011-03-16By:Li WenjieEditor:Lin Lin  
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Another incident that connected her to the campaign was a touching family reunion she had witnessed after the efforts of police.

"In the city where I live, there is a school for the hearing-impaired. After some children from the school were abducted by a criminal group, they were put on the street to rob and steal. Fortunately, the abducted kids were soon caught by the police as they began  committing criminal activity. Because they could not speak or understand what others said, the interrogation had been very hard. When their families were finally informed and hurried to the police station, they just held their children tightly and cried out aloud."

The scene was unforgettable, Chi recalls.

"So, after getting to know the campaign, I am very supportive. Like others, I would put those child beggars' snapshots online so their real relations can locate them. This is not a violation of their rights since it not for commercial gain," Chi maintains.
In addition, Chi holds that even parents are not entitled to encourage their children to a life of begging.

"I studied the Law of Compulsory Education, which specifically regulates that children are entitled to receive an education; and the state should shoulder the expenses for compulsory education," Chi informed the reporter. 

The original Article 71 of the Law on the Protection of Minors says that coercion, deception, the use of minors for begging or activities deemed harmful to their physical or mental health, are a violation of their civil liabilities.

But in Chi's opinion, the legislation is too lax and punishment not severe enough, and as such the law should be tightened.

In Chi Susheng's proposal, the original 'subjected to administrative sanctions by public security organs' was amended to 'be investigated for criminal responsibilities'. And at the same time she suggests that the buyer should be punished to the same level as the seller in order to put an end to the practice. In the original edition, the punishment for the buyers is reduced to zero if they do not interfere with the rescuing efforts and if they have not abused the abducted children. 
According to Chi, she has already submitted a joint proposal with 32 NPC deputies; and for that the Law on Protection of Minors is formulated and enforced by Committee for Internal and Judicial Affairs while the Criminal Law is under Commission of Legislative Affairs, a total of two proposals were drafted. Now that the proposal with the Law on Protection of Minors has received a positive reply, she is beginning to bid for an official one.  

When asked about how she thinks of the micro-blog, Chi expressed her support.

"Micro-blogging is a platform for candid communication between everyday people. It can change our lifestyles and has actually already brought huge changes to communication channels. It is not coincidental that the campaign of micro-blogging for anti-trafficking has gained so much attention. Micro-blogging is playing a positive role in the process. It could multiply both the good things and the bad things and I suggest we should take it with an objective mind," she concludes. 


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