Wen Jiabao: Analogy Between China, North African Countries "Not Right"
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Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said Monday that China is very concerned about political turbulence in some western Asian and northern African countries, but any analogy between China and those countries is "not right".

"We have embarked on a development path that fits China's national conditions," Wen said, noting China is still a developing nation with large population, weak economic foundation and uneven development.
He told a press conference that China never sees its development path as "a model" because China is still exploring the way of reform and economic construction.
All countries should have their own development paths which suit their own conditions and "we respect the choices made by the people of other countries," Wen said.
"Countries can learn from each other in terms of development path on the basis of mutual respect," he added.
China still faces extremely complex domestic and international situations and will work to fulfill the goals the government has set for the next five years, Wen noted.
The premier said the Chinese government will continue to focus on economic construction and vigorously promote economic development and social progress.
China will also continue to "put people's interests first" and strive for "comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development," Wen said.

China will further promote social fairness and justice and maintain social stability and harmony, he said, pledging further protection of democratic rights of the people and further play to the initiative and creativity of the people.

(Source: Xinhua)

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