ACWF Proposes Anti-Domestic Violence Legislation
2011-03-08Editor:Zhang Sisi 
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Vice-president of the All-China Women's Federation and deputy to the National People's Congress Chen Xiurong will this year propose once more the incorporation of anti-domestic violence law into the legislation plan of the NPC Standing Committee.

Since 2004, Women's Federations from around the country receive each year letters from 40,000 to 50,000 women who have suffered domestic violence, Chen Xiurong said.

Chen went on to say that the current judicial handling of such cases in China is characterized by high requirements of evidence of domestic violence and relatively light penalties for such behavior. She cited the example of a case in 2009 of the six-year prison term handed down in Beijing to a man whose physical abuse of his 25 year-old wife, surnamed Dong resulted in her death. Chen pointed out that such a crime would carry incur far more severe punishment in most other countries.

Chen Xiurong bases her proposal for an anti-domestic violence law on the need to protect people's safety, especially women's, in the home.

The All-China Women's Federation has raised proposals on anti-domestic violence legislation at several NPC sessions. Chen confirmed that her proposal has been drafted through online cooperation between the All-China Women's Federation and legal experts.

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