• Scholars with Fraud Proposed to Be Punished
    A Chinese political advisor on Tuesday proposed harsh penalty for scholars implicated in academic fraud to clean up the country's academic field.
  • Chinese Lawmaker Urges Ban on Shark Fin Trading
    A Chinese lawmaker has proposed that the country's top legislature should ban the trade of shark fin, a high-end delicacy consumed by wealthy people in China and East Asia.
  • Shanghai Deputy Advocates Pre-marital Chastity
    Shanghai Provincial People's Congress deputy Bo Wanqing's call on young women to remain chaste till marriage has triggered indignant responses from local free-thinking young women.
  • Netizens Support Extending Holiday
    The public has responded with vigorous support for an NPC deputy's proposal to extend the Spring Festival holiday from three days to 10.
  • Reforms to Close Gaps in Mental Health Care
    About half of urban psychiatric patients on the Chinese mainland who need hospitalization cannot afford it, said a veteran mental health expert.