• CPPCC Member Liu Hongyu on Food Safety
    Lawyer Liu Hongyu spoke on Wednesday morning to the Women of China Magazine reporter about food safety and the online national anti-trafficking campaign.
  • Experts Urge Reform of Science Grants
    Chinese scientists are spending so much time applying for research grants that the country's attempts to achieve scientific breakthroughs and innovation have been seriously impeded, Wang Tingda, the...
  • Stronger Food Safety Regulations Debated
    Lawmakers and experts have urged stronger punishments and improved law enforcement to ensure food safety, following tainted food scandals that have generated nationwide concern.
  • CPPCC Member Appeals for Sterner Action against Film Piracy
    Renowned Chinese film director Zhang Yimou called on the government to take sterner action against "rampant" film piracy, during the ongoing parliamentary session.
  • Lawmaker Proposes Tobacco Sales Bans around Schools
    A Chinese lawmaker has said tobacco sales bans around the nation's schools should be imposed, noting that cigarettes are currently too easy for youngsters to obtain.