• Japan Quake Refreshes Call for First Aid Training
    A Chinese legislator has called for the step-up of first aid training in China given the devastating earthquake and tsunami that may claim thousands of lives in Japan and the recent earthquake in...
  • Survival Know-how Advised to Be Included in Curriculum
    A Chinese political advisor proposed that survival education should be included in the teaching program of schools across the country, Beijing Evening News reports.
  • Lawmaker Calls for School Buses to Meet Safety Standards
    All schools should be equipped with school buses that meet unified national standards to ensure students' safety, a Chinese lawmaker said Friday.
  • Senior Official Calls for Cap on Coal Consumption
    A senior environmental official said China should consider capping coal consumption in Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area, amid growing environmental pressures...
  • Political Advisors Urge Kitchen Waste Legislation
    Rotten potatoes and unwanted chicken wings represent a novel form of energy, otherwise they could risk food safety, said two Chinese political advisors who called for legislation against improper...
    • Hong Tianhui: Improve Maternity Insurance SystemMarch 11, 2011Vice-chairperson of the All-China Women's Federation and member of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Hong Tianhui spoke on behalf of ACWF at the third plenary session of the Fourth Meeting of the 11th CPPCC about accelerating improvement of the maternity insurance system.
    • NPC Deputy Urges Smoking Prohibition in Public PlacesMarch 11, 2011Deputy to the 11th National People's Congress and Huizhou Science and Technology Association President Huang Xihua called for legislation prohibiting smoking in public places during the ongoing NPC session.
    • NPC Deputy Calls for Retired Intellectuals to Serve as Volunteer TeachersMarch 11, 2011Deputy to the 11th National People's Congress and President of Wangbuliao Clothes Company Luo Meiyuan called for retired intellectuals to serve as volunteer teachers in rural areas.
    • China to Clamp down on Online Relics TradingMarch 10, 2011China's political advisors on Thursday called for enhanced supervision over online antique trading, after millions of cultural relics were sent abroad illegally.
    • CPPCC Member Calls for Better Protection of Street ChildrenMarch 10, 2011Veteran singer and member of the 11th Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) National Committee Han Hong proposed to enhance social awareness of protecting children at a CPPCC press conference today at the Media Center in Beijing.
    • CPPCC Member Liu Hongyu on Food SafetyMarch 10, 2011Lawyer Liu Hongyu spoke on Wednesday morning to the Women of China Magazine reporter about food safety and the online national anti-trafficking campaign.
    • Experts Urge Reform of Science GrantsMarch 10, 2011Chinese scientists are spending so much time applying for research grants that the country's attempts to achieve scientific breakthroughs and innovation have been seriously impeded, Wang Tingda, the former audit supervisor for the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has warned.
    • Stronger Food Safety Regulations DebatedMarch 10, 2011Lawmakers and experts have urged stronger punishments and improved law enforcement to ensure food safety, following tainted food scandals that have generated nationwide concern.
    • CPPCC Member Appeals for Sterner Action against Film PiracyMarch 9, 2011Renowned Chinese film director Zhang Yimou called on the government to take sterner action against "rampant" film piracy, during the ongoing parliamentary session.
    • Lawmaker Proposes Tobacco Sales Bans around SchoolsMarch 9, 2011A Chinese lawmaker has said tobacco sales bans around the nation's schools should be imposed, noting that cigarettes are currently too easy for youngsters to obtain.
    • Scholars with Fraud Proposed to Be PunishedMarch 9, 2011A Chinese political advisor on Tuesday proposed harsh penalty for scholars implicated in academic fraud to clean up the country's academic field.
    • Chinese Lawmaker Urges Ban on Shark Fin TradingMarch 9, 2011A Chinese lawmaker has proposed that the country's top legislature should ban the trade of shark fin, a high-end delicacy consumed by wealthy people in China and East Asia.
    • Shanghai Deputy Advocates Pre-marital ChastityMarch 9, 2011Shanghai Provincial People's Congress deputy Bo Wanqing's call on young women to remain chaste till marriage has triggered indignant responses from local free-thinking young women.
    • Netizens Support Extending HolidayMarch 9, 2011The public has responded with vigorous support for an NPC deputy's proposal to extend the Spring Festival holiday from three days to 10.
    • Reforms to Close Gaps in Mental Health CareMarch 9, 2011About half of urban psychiatric patients on the Chinese mainland who need hospitalization cannot afford it, said a veteran mental health expert.
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