• Widespread Taijiquan Practice Could Cut Health Care Costs
    Taijiquan (Tai chi), the ancient exercise of meditation in motion, should be promoted nationwide as a way to cut health care expenses, according to a proposal submitted by a member with the Chinese...
  • Yang Lan Highlights Vocational Education for Juveniles
    "I'm now polishing my proposals for the upcoming two sessions. My current focus is on vocational education for juveniles," TV host and CPPCC member Yang Lan writes on her micro blog.
  • Li Yinhe: Same-sex Marriage Should Be Legal
    "It would improve China's image in the world if same-sex marriage was legalized," well-known Chinese sociologist and CPPCC member Li Yinhe said on her micro blog.
  • NPC Deputy: China's Seniors Need Better Care
    As China faces an aging society, a deputy to the National People's Congress (NPC) suggests the government should establish a specialized agency to improve social services for the elderly who live...
  • Calls for Improving Rural Education, Health Care
    Facilities for rural education and medical service should be improved in order to attract talents and keep them in the villages, a deputy of the National People's Congress (NPC) suggested after his...