• Pacesetter of China's New Village Development
    Guo Fenglian, Party Secretary of Dazhai Village, the model of China's new village, is formerly known as "Iron Girl" and a woman of will of steel.
  • Song Yushui: Judge from the Grass Roots
    Rural resident Song Yushui is among China's most respected judges. Her strict but humane approach to her profession has made a deep impression throughout Chinese judiciary circles.
  • Shaoxing Opera Star Proposes in the Session
    Actress Mao Weitao's portrayal of the xiaosheng role in Shaoxing opera presents a woman's idealized image of a young man. She gave a proposal regarding artistic education in 2008...
  • Woman Migrant Worker and Premier Wen Discuss Rural Matters
    Gu Shuangyan is among the first migrant worker NPC deputies. Her face-to-face dialogue with Premier Wen in 2009 is still fresh in the memory of many.
  • Moral Role Model
    It's heartbreaking for any woman to lose her beloved husband, especially at age 40. The pain is compounded when she finds he has left her in huge debt. This was the plight five...