Free Lunch Fund

January 20, 2014
Editor: Yulanda Wang

An official report from a survey on the nutritional status of students reveals a serious shortage of nutrition among children in poor areas of central and western China. Up to 12 percent of students who took the survey have problems of growth retardation, and 72 percent are often hungry at school. Compared with the average weight and height of rural students, boys are respectively 10 kg lighter and 11 cm less tall, girls are respectively 7 kg lighter and 9 cm less tall.

The Free Lunch program was co-founded by Deng Fei, hundreds of volunteers, media agencies, and the China Social Welfare Foundation, to take the initiative in donating 3 yuan a day to provide free lunches for these children. From April 2011 to April 2013, it raised more than 46 million yuan and has enabled students of more than 200 school to enjoy a  lunch.

The implementation process of the program is open and transparent. It requires schools who accept the lunches to open from time to time their balance of payments, and asks local government, media, NGOs, parents, and netizen to take part in supervision.
Project Objectives:
Becoming a cross-platform collaborative program; after decades of concerted efforts, to free all needy Chinese students from hunger.

Keeping children from being hungry, and enabling them to develop healthily.

Through years of efforts, making a free lunch one of the basic benefits of needy students.

To explore a safe, transparent, efficient, reproducible way to achieve free lunches for needy students, provide professional services for government, enterprises, public institutions, individual donors to promote this public welfare policy.

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