Five-good Civilized Families

October 30, 2007
Editor: Sarah Wang

Five-good Civilized Families
Since the 1950s, women's federations at all levels have been conducting the competition known as "Five-good Families." In 1996, the ACWF, with the Publicity Department of the Central Committee of the CPC and 18 other ministries and committees launched the Program of "Five-good Civilized Families."

For several years, the Program of "Five-good Families" has set some objectives, which include improving the qualities of family members, raising the living standards and promoting the civilization of urban and rural areas. It also actively advocated the new civilized ethos—respecting for the old and caring for the young, the equality between men and women, industrious and thrifty management and harmonious family life and neighborly unity.

The program has played a positive role in promoting economic development and safeguarding social stability. Since 2000, the Program of "Civilized Families", has become an important part of the establishment of "Five-good Families", aiming at improving the ideological and ethical standards as well as the scientific and cultural qualities and helping families to have scientific, civilized and healthy living style, so that the civilization will expand from families to the whole society.

The main contents of the "Civilized Families Program" are: beautifying surroundings; enlivening domestic cultural and physical life; popularizing scientific and legal knowledge; eliminating feudal superstition and backward customs; and promoting harmonious relationships among neighbors.

All of the people have learned much by taking part in these programs and sharing experiences with others. In recent years activities have been carried out, such as the Program "Campaign on Assistance to the Elderly, Widowed and Disabled from Millions of Families," the Project "Love at Home, Donation to Society," "Fit-keeping for a Million Women," "Reading in Family," "Beauty in Rural Households," and the "Family Culture and Arts Festival."

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