He Luli

April 6, 2007
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He Luli


Since her election as Vice-Chairperson of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of China (NPC) in March 1998, He Luli has participated a lot in the formulation of various laws and regulation. She cares most about the legislation and execution of laws related to education, women and health. It may have something to do with her family, career, political participation and female characteristics.

Family Influence

Apart from her five years away from her father during the War of Resistance Against the Japanese, He Luli has always lived with her father. She respects, loves and is deeply influenced by her father He Siyuan, who took part in the 1919 May 4th campaign. She was a pediatrician for 27 years. She was the deputy head of Xicheng District in Beijing, then a vice mayor in Beijing, and then finally a mature politician.

He Luli’s style of doing things is a gift inherited from her father, namely love the country, return to the country, follow the CPC and firmly accept the CPC leadership. It is the core of He Luli’s ideas as a modern Chinese politician. Her father favored education, and chose to love and return to the country through education. This tradition has also been one of He Luli’s political focii and characteristics. That is why she cares about education and women issues in the work of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC) and the Revolutionary Committee of Chinese Kuomintang (RCCK).

Quick to Enter her Role

In 1984, as a non-member of the CPC and a female intellectual, He Luli was elected to be a deputy director of Xicheng District in Beijing. This position brought about a brand new life for He Luli, who had been a pediatrics doctor for 27 years.

After she took the job, she took care of things closely related to ordinary people. She started the first marriage school, the first school for pregnant women, and built plenty of public restrooms in Beijing. She also focused on the improvement of the rural drinking water supply. Her efforts gradually improved Beijing’s health environment.

The family planning policy is very difficult work. It is also where He Luli’s characteristics are fully displayed. When He Luli was a vice mayor in Beijing, she traveled 100 kilometers to Kangzhuang village in Yanqing County eleven times to help carry out family planning work. She went to local families and tried to convince them to follow the policy. By 1992, He Luli’s efforts had paid off. Beijing had become of the ten most outstanding areas in carrying out the nationawide family planning policy. The family planning rate was 99.76 percent, and the rate of late marriages was 89.27 percent. Through these accomplishments, He Luli’s leadership abilities have gradually matured.

As one of the leaders of the NPC Standing Committee, He Luli pays special attention to the implementation of laws. She goes in person to local areas every year to inspect implementation of new laws. Wherever she goes, He Luli is never satisfied with reports on organized conferences and meetings with local officials. She insists on meeting with local people and cadres, and asking about their situations.
2002 is the 10th anniversary of the implementation of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Protection of Women’s Rights and Interests. In April 2002, He Luli went to Guangdong with the NPC Committee for Internal and Judicial Affairs’ Law inspection team. The inspection team went to Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Shenzhen, and Shanwei. They not only listened to reports from relevant departments, but also met with grassroots working committees, enterprises managers and migrant women.

A Grandmother Who Loves Reading

He Luli is a grandmother who really loves to read. When talking about reading, she becomes exited. Her words switch from one book to another. Reading is her lifetime habit. Now, having purchased many books, she does some light reading after 10 PM. She also gives out books as presents. Once, she gave books a disabled writer had written to the Beijing Municipal Disabled Persons Federation. People there were deeply touched.

He Luli’s interest in books covers an extensive area, from novels to social science. She prefers to read novels, and has very good taste. When talking about her book collection, she says with satisfaction that all the bookshelves along the wall are full. There is no spare room. Her expression, along with her traditional Beijing accent, would cause one to easily mistake her for an ordinary cute and old Beijing grandmother.

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