Zuo Huanchen: Equal Employment Rights for Migrant Workers
2011-02-24Editor:Zhao Chenxi 
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Zuo Huanchen, born in 1940, is of the Han ethnic group and a native of Hunan's Xiangyin County. She is the fourth-generation granddaughter of Qing Dynasty Minister of Foreign Affairs Zuo Zongtang. Having become a worker in September 1962, Zuo joined the Chinese Peasants and Workers Democratic Party in March 1987. She was former deputy director of the editorial board of Shanghai magazine Medical Imaging, and on the editorial boards of American Journal of Clinical Anatomy, Anatomy, and Chinese Clinical Anatomy. She is a professor and doctorate supervisor at Fudan University School of Medicine and chief adviser on the Anatomy of China Society, and receives a special State Council allowance.

Zuo Huanchen speaks during the session. [cppcc.people.com.cn]
Zuo Huanchen speaks during the session. [cppcc.people.com.cn]
Zuo is vice chairman of Shanghai CPPCC, professor and doctoral supervisor at Fudan University School of Medicine, vice chairman of the 13th Chinese Peasants and Workers Democratic Party Central Committee, chairman of the Shanghai Municipal Committee, Shanghai People's Congress, and president of Shanghai Family Planning Association. She is also a member of the Tenth CPPCC National Committee and of the 11th CPPCC Standing Committee.

Zuo Huanchen graduated from the Department of Medicine, Shanghai First Medical College (now the Fudan University School of Medicine) in September 1962, and stayed on as a teacher. From 1962 to 1965 she served as teaching assistant, lecturer, associate professor, anatomy teaching and research associate director, and deputy director of Shanghai First Medical College and Shanghai Medical University. She has also been dean, professor and doctorate supervisor of the Department of Basic Medicine and director of the Basic Medical Research Institute.

During this period she taught at the Tibetan Medical College and carried out further studies at Stanford University School of Medicine. Since 1995, she has served as deputy director of Shanghai Health Bureau, Vice Mayor of Shanghai Municipal People's Government (in charge of health) and other positions. She is secretary general of the Clinical Anatomy Group of China Anatomy Association, vice secretary general of Shanghai Anatomy Association, and vice chairperson of CPPCC Shanghai Municipal Committee. 

Zuo Huanchen went to the United States as a senior visiting scholar at Stanford University's Medical Center from 1982 to 1983 and from 1990 to 1991. There she studied the application within anatomy of three-dimensional computer reconstruction and multimedia. She has long been engaged in teaching human anatomy and in research into clinical anatomy, especially on anatomic diagnoses through cardiovascular imaging, and research into computer three-dimensional reconstruction and display. Zuo's research has opened up a new field of human applied anatomy. Zuo Huanchen has published more than 50 papers in Chinese and international journals and been invited to participate in various international academic conferences. Her past students include two PhDs, five MScs and one post-doctoral student.

Zuo Huanchen holds the national Outstanding Teacher Award and the Shanghai Excellent Teaching Achievement Award. Her article Human Anatomy Multimedia Systems I-Breast won the Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award in 1998, and in 1997 she won third prize in the State Education Commission's First National Medical Schools Excellent CAI. Zuo consequently enjoys special government allowances.

Her main publications include WWW-based Medical Technology Tomography Image Reconstruction; Three-dimensional Electron Beam CT Experimental Myocardial Infarction and Cardiac Pathology; Java Technology-based Medical Image Reconstruction; The Electron Beam CT Reconstruction of Dogs with Experimental Myocardial Infarction; and INTERNET-based Medical Images in Three-dimensional Reconstruction, which creates conditions for the remote application of clinical imaging devices.
Zuo Huanchen's Proposals at the 2010 CPPCC Session

Former president of the Central Committee of China Peasants and Workers Democratic Party and member of CPPCC Standing Committee Zuo Huanchen said at the Third Plenary Session of the Third Conference of the 11th CPPCC on March 9 last year that the Party and the Government have in recent years adopted series of policy measures that are effective in safeguarding and improving migrant worker rights. Zuo's proposal is based on six further expectations of rural migrant workers.

First is the establishment of a mechanism that expresses and realizes migrant worker demands, so enabling them to participate in self-governance and management and to be included in local health services and insurance networks.

Zuo also proposed accelerated reforms of the household registration system to achieve unified rural and urban hukou management.

Zuo's third proposal was to universalize migrant worker job skill training through multiple channels that enable migrant workers to learn practical knowledge and skills at low cost.

Zuo also suggested establishing a comprehensive social insurance system geared to the needs and situation of migrant workers that includes workplace injury insurance, healthcare, pension and social assistance.

Zuo also proposes that the government improve the education of migrant worker children and systemically solve the problem of the wage arrears.

Zuo Huanchen ended her proposal by pointing out that migrant workers are indispensable to social progress and that every effort should be made to solve problems they experience in working and surviving.

(Source: baike.baidu.com, news.qq.com/ Translated by womenofchina.cn)

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