Publicity Campaign Leads Women to Follow the Party in Zhejiang

March 9, 2017
Editor: Sherry Song

Awarded advanced groups and individuals of women's federations across China. [Zhejiang Women's Federation]



The first publicity campaign with the theme of leading women to follow the Party's instruction and celebrating International Women's Day (March 8) launched on March 6 in Hangzhou, east China's Zhejiang Province.

Around 500 attendees included advanced individuals and groups from all works of life and officials from departments of women's federations across China.

The activity aimed to encourage women to study and follow the remarks and spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party and the 14th Provincial Congress of Party Representatives, guiding them to construct a comprehensive well-off society through ideals and belief education and the instruction of socialist core values.

At the activity, around 32 female elites made up the first batch of the publicity team, including Lu Yingying, a researcher from the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering at Zhejiang University; Zhu Chunfeng, the president of the Hangzhou's Shiqiao Street's women's federation; Chen Shufang, the head of a veterinary station in local Xiangshan County; and, Wang Jia, the president of the people's law court in local Kaihua County.

According to organizers, the provinces, cities and counties will jointly hold one hundred publicity activities across the country later.

Yuan Jiajun, deputy secretary of Zhejiang Province, spoke highly of the campaign's meaning, which not only expressed the correct political orientation but also played an important role in leading people and reforming.

Meanwhile, Yuan stressed that women's federations should better organize and guide women to follow the Party and the President Xi Jinping's leadership in the new era. They should also shoulder the historical mission and show women's new images of bravery and persistence, as well as spread good morality and be honest and incorruptible in performing their official duties.

In addition, national women pacesetter groups, advanced individuals and groups of women's federations across China and model soldiers' wives were honored at the event.

In the past year, local women have played an essential role in making contributions at their posts and a wave of brilliant women and teams have emerged. These include six national women pacesetter groups, nine national women pacesetters, 20 provincial women pacesetter groups and a hundred provincial women pacesetters, according to local officials.


Awarded model soldiers' wives. [Zhejiang Women's Federation]


Delegates at the activity. [Zhejiang Women's Federation]


Model soldiers' wives and their husbands. [Zhejiang Women's Federation]


Lu Yingying, a researcher from the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering at Zhejiang University. [Zhejiang Women's Federation]


(Provided by Zhejiang Women's Federation)


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