Houston Association Shores Up Support for Chinese Women Entrepreneurs, Professionals

March 4, 2015
Editor: Kiki Liu

The Chinese International Women Entrepreneur and Professional Association is set up at a gathering of female elites on February 28 in Houston. The participants pose for a group photo at the launch ceremony. [Chinanews.com]

Female elites gathered to mark the founding of a new association for businesswomen and entrepreneurs of Chinese origin on February 28 in Houston, United States.

The Chinese International Women Entrepreneur and Professional Association has been set up to meet the increasing influence of American females of Chinese descent in the Texas capital. In recent years Houston has witnessed great changes with the help of many female entrepreneurs from China. Most are engaged in law, healthcare and real estate, accounting for around half of employees or entrepreneurs in the city.

The association serves as a platform for easy exchange and better cooperation between those females growing their own businesses. Moreover, the association also acts as a hub for problem solving through the advice of many experts.

Grace Meng, the first Asian-American elected to Congress from New York, and the first woman elected from that seat, attended the launch ceremony which coincided with the association's official establishment.

Meng expressed her gratitude to organizers for staging such a significant ceremony for female entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, she gave high praise to all American females of Chinese origin and expressed her great honor to see the fruitful results achieved by the Chinese elites in Houston.

After her speech, Meng announced that February 28 was also the formal day to celebrate the establishment of a sister organization, the Chinese International Women Entrepreneur and Professional Association in New York.

"More and more women have joined the ranks of self-employment, most of whom are Chinese. I hope that further female entrepreneurs will join the association to repay the community and help other women struggling in their business dilemmas," said Song Lei, chairperson of the association.

"Our target is to help female employees find a better future if they fall into a difficult situation. Interactive exchange among many fields and social circles, comprising experts and members of the association, will help female entrepreneurs find a better way to plan their future," stressed Wang Xiaoxia, co-founder.

Chinese Consul General in Houston, Li Qiangmin, was also invited to the foundation of the association and expressed wishes that those female entrepreneurs not only promote the Chinese people's image of industry but also make a great contribution to Sino-America relations.

Many other famous celebrities from various social circles participated in the launch ceremony of the association and appealed to the American community to protect their legal rights and interests for further international exchange.

(Source:world.huanqiu.com/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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