Dong Ethnic Group’s Sacrifice Ritual to "Sa Sui"

Editor:Jin Jin
Source:Zhang Ping
Dong Ethnic Group’s Sacrifice Ritual to "Sa Sui"()

"Sa Sui" is the Dong minority dialect pronunciation of the female primogenitor who founded their village. Dong people worship the female God and many villages have temples dedicated to her. 

According to the legend, Sa defended the village in a battle against an enemy and sadly jumped off a cliff in a heroic attempt. In order to commemorate her, the villagers built a special "Sa" altar and gradually formed a complete set of rituals. Some of these altars are built out of bricks and some are located in huts, with each containing an open square in front of the Sa altar for worship. 

This festival is celebrated in two seasons: spring and autumn. In spring, people worship and wish for a blessed year. In autumn, they show their appreciation of Sa's blessings. 

The ritual begins with people offering fish and meat, and then some appointed elders cook them in a big pot. The elders use the food as sacrifice to offer Sa and sing songs. Lastly, children eat the fish and meat since people believe that Sa's food can increase intelligence.

As society develops, this sacrifice ritual has become more of a local entertainment event. After the main ritual, young Dong people sing and dance together. Women dress in traditional clothes and dance in front of a fire.

December 3, 2014