Minor Snow

Editor :Zhang Shanshan
Source :Women of China


The traditional Chinese lunar calendar is divided into 24 solar terms a year. For 2018, Minor Snow (Xiaoxue), the 20th solar term, begins on November 22.

Minor Snow refers to the time when snow usually first appears in China's northern areas, and the temperature continues to drop.

The following are some traditional customs during Minor Snow.

Making Preserved Meat 
After the beginning of Minor Snow, the temperature declines sharply and the air becomes dry. People start to prepare salted fish or cured meats that can be kept for a long time, so that they can pass through winter with enough food.

Eating 'Ciba'
In some southern provinces, people have the tradition of eating ciba, a special kind of dessert made from sticky rice. In the past, people used this dessert as an offering to the god of the cows.

Meat Soup 
Around Minor Snow, Tujia people, mainly living in central and southwestern China, start the annual folk activity, which creates a festive atmosphere during the cold winter months.

(Women of China)

December 18, 2018