Cold Dew

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The traditional Chinese lunar calendar is divided into 24 solar terms; Cold Dew (Hanlu), the 17th solar term of the year, falls this year on October 8.

At this time, temperatures in most parts of China decline. The average daily temperature in the south falls below 20 degrees Celsius. Even in areas along the Yangtze River, it rarely rises above 30 degrees. Meanwhile, the lowest temperature can fall to minus 10.

During this period, the rainfall in southern China normally decreases too. 

The autumn rain after Cold Dew directly affects the progress of sowing and reaping.

Farmers use the weather forecast to plan their harvest and decide when to sow their crops; on the other hand, they can adapt to local conditions and take multiple measures to improve the quality of their seedlings. 



Cold Dew Customs

Season for Fishing

In the south, the weather during Cold Dew is far from hot. It is a good time to travel, enjoy the blooming of flowers, and to eat fish and crab. 

During this period, the sunshine does not reach the deep waters, and fish will swim to the shallows where the temperatures are relatively higher. Therefore, there is an old saying that goes "fishing in shallow water areas in autumn." 

Viewing Red Leaves

After Cold Dew, maple leaves will turn to dark red. However, as China has a vast territory, the wonderful scenes of red maple leaves will appear at different times in different places. Therefore, tourists should choose the best time when they plan their trips.

Climbing Mountain

As is well known, the custom of climbing mountains during Chongyang Festival (the ninth day of the ninth lunar month) has a long history. Because the festival is around the same time as Cold Dew, and the climate is suitable, mountain climbing during this time has slowly become a custom of Cold Dew.

(Women of China)

December 17, 2018