Revolutionary Mother Ge Jianhao

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Revolutionary Mother Ge Jianhao()

Ge Jianhao (1865-1943), previously named Ge Lanying, born in Shuangfeng County, central China's Hunan Province. She is the mother of Cai Chang and Cai Hesen. Cai Chang was the president of All-China Women's Federation; Cai Hesen an outstanding Communist Party leader during its early period. 
At the age of about 50, she took her children and grandchildren along with her when she went to Changsha, capital city of Hunan, to further her study. Later, she took her children to France to attend a work-study program, making her the eldest among more than 1600 Chinese students in France. At that time, she was honored as an “Amazing Woman” of the 20th Century. 
She created women's professional schools in Xiangxiang and Changsha, and was acclaimed as a woman educator in Hunan. She was good at educating children, actively supporting them to take up revolutionary careers, and she herself also was wholly devoted to revolutionary activities. She was also called “Woman Hero”, and “revolutionary mother”.

January 7, 2015