Female Party Members Stick to Disaster Areas to Help Villagers in E China

June 30, 2016
By Ru Xijia, Gao XuqinEditor: Sherry Song

A devastating tornado and hailstorm hit Funing and Sheyang, east China's Jiangsu Province, on June 23. Local female Party members from various fields have remained in the disaster areas, providing help to countless victims over the past few days.

Deliver Daily Supplies

Liu Changlan, head of women's affairs for a local community, applied to join a rescue team after her village was impacted by the extreme weather. "I felt energetic to make some contribution for my fellow-villagers," said Liu.

Having been appointed to bring daily supplies to people, Liu managed her team to give out relief funds door-to-door and help those affected dry their belongings.

Moreover, Liu has visited two serious disaster areas in three days. She was comforted when she saw that buyers from the county were willing to harvest villagers' crops, which may reduce their economic losses.

Liu said it was hard for her to sleep due to the chaotic scenes of those villages. "We Party members have the obligation to help people rebuild their homeland," Liu declared.

Protect the Children

A headmaster of a local kindergarten, Li Yuhong, recalls that many children were scared by the awful scene when the heavy rains struck. She quickly organized them to hide under their desks. Unfortunately, the dutiful woman was injured by broken glass whilst she was saving a child who tried to run out of the classroom. "It was just people's instinct to hold onto the kids," said Li.

Regardless of her wounds, Li has been working with other volunteers, guarding students in a local school.

Save Buried Victims

In another village, Banhu, in Funing County, Xie Zhonghua, an official of a local Economic and Information Committee was asked to help rescue a person who was buried under rubble. Without any tools, Xie and four other volunteers took all their strength to move stones with their hands and finally saved the man.

For now, Xie is in charge of caring for villagers' daily life. "I'm negotiating with the local chamber of commerce about the adoption of children who lost their parents in the disaster and the elderly people with no relatives. I believe that love will bring warmth and hope to these villagers," she said.

(Source: China Women's News/ Translated and edited by Women of China)

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