Expert Machining Engineer Shares Her Unique Experience

December 26, 2018
Editor: Liu Yanmei
Expert Machining Engineer Shares Her Unique Experience
Miao Xiu [Workers Daily]


An outstanding technician from Harbin, northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, recently shared with interviewers her unique experience of working in the male-dominated machining industry.

Miao Xiu works at Harbin Dong'an Automobile Power Co, where there is even a  studio named in her honor.

In addition, Miao is also a deputy to the 13th National People's Congress, the winner of a special allowance from the State Council and a holder of the titles of Heilongjiang Technical Expert and Chief Technician of Harbin.

In 1998, Miao's twin sister was diagnosed with a serious disease. In order to get a job to support her family as early as possible, Miao chose to go to a technical school rather than a regular high school.

"Going to a technical school at that time meant I could get a job immediately after graduation and thus share my parents' pressure," Miao recalled.

Because of her high scores, Miao paid hundreds of yuan less in tuition than other students.

At that time, people thought it was unsuitable for girls to learn technical skills. Therefore, Miao's school recruited 50 boys and only 20 girls.

When talking about why she chose a profession working at the lathe instead of accounting or nursing, Miao thought for quite a while, but did not find a straightforward answer.

"It could be that my parents often praised the outstanding technicians in their units at home when we were young; they encouraged me to be such a person," she recalled. 

Her father was engaged in auditing, and her mother worked in a design office. In this large enterprise, to be a highly skilled technical worker who is capable of producing concrete results is considered "success" in the eyes of their parents' generation.

Later, when she was asked to work in the tool room – a relative easy post – Miao refused. "I want to learn the real stuff," said the tough-minded woman.

After rejecting a transfer twice, Miao became the only female representative on the mechanical processing team.

Their job is mainly to process blank parts into finished products. Each part requires a certain amount of grinding time during machining, which is done automatically. Sometimes it takes 20 or 30 minutes, and at other times only three or five minutes.

Miao's work is to produce the mechanism used in auto transmission. She works on several different models of cars.

After qualifying at the National CNC (Computer Numeric Control) Skills Competition and the provincial and municipal skills competition and being promoted to senior technician, Miao is now responsible for research and new products development. No new molds can be mass-produced before her tests.

Not long ago, as the winner of the Labor Medal, Miao was awarded time off. However, she rushed back to work after only a day off.

"I cannot leave my job. I feel more at ease when I come back to work," Miao said with a smile.

(Source: Workers Daily/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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