Businesswoman Helps Villagers Increase Income by Growing Vegetables on Paper

December 7, 2018
Editor: Liu Yanmei
Guo Xuelan (left) [China Women's News]


Guo Xuelan established Maifeng Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. in May 2016 and was mainly engaged in the cultivation of sprouts and the sale of sprout seeds in Tonglian County, north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

At the same time, she opened an ecological vegetable restaurant. By serving the chickens, ducks, and geese she raised herself, as well as providing organic balcony vegetable gardens, flower pots and landscape vegetables, her restaurant became very popular.

His company has driven more than 200 women to find flexible employment at home, including 15 poverty-stricken households, and is rated as an innovation base for women's poverty alleviation.

"It's quite simple to grow vegetables on paper. You need only one piece of A4 paper, one seed, one kettle and one tray. There's no need for fertilizer, you just need to water it every day. It only needs eight days, then you can eat green and fresh sprouts grown by yourself," Guo introduced.

"Planting on paper" is a patented technology invented by a Beijing-based company. It is free from seasonal and geographical restrictions. You can grow vegetables all year round. Moreover, there are more than 200 varieties and be harvested after eight to 21 days of growth.

At first, local villagers all doubted this mysterious technology as Guo popularized it to them. And, they refused to get it a try until Guo took everyone to see her own greenhouses. 

The company equipped them with shelves, plates, seeds and technical guidance, all of which were free of charge, and on top of that, harvestable vegetables can be purchased at the agreed price.

Chen Liru is one of the beneficiaries from Guanjie Village, Inner Mongolia. She planted dozens of sproutson paper in a spare room in her house.

"My husband and I are poor villagers and cannot work. Fortunately, our village is a support-receiving village designated by the women's federation. We can earn at least several hundred yuan a month by planting vegetables on paper," Chen said.

According to Chen, at present, there are five impoverished households in their village who have been lifted out of poverty by relying on "growing-on-paper vegetables."

Though it was already late autumn, Guo's greenhouses were full of buds and seedlings. Many villagers and merchants came to learn about the technology of "growing vegetables on paper."

It is understood that Guo's sprouts are mainly supplied to major hotels in cities. The products include dozens of varieties such as pea sprouts, buckwheat seedlings, radish seedlings and camphor, and the prices range from 10 yuan to 25 yuan per kilogram.

She said that, given the large number of vegetables in summer, winter is the busiest season when their sprouts can sell at a high price.

In addition to selling vegetables directly, Guo has also started deep processing and made sprouts into solid beverages. At present, her green juice from the deep processing of wheat seedlings has been successfully listed.

(Source: China Women's News/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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