Female Bus Driver Runs Red Light to Rush Boy to Hospital

November 29, 2018
Editor: Wang Qian
Female Bus Driver Runs Red Light to Rush Boy to Hospital
Liao Fangli gives an interview to journalists. [Chongqing Morning News]


A female bus driver from southwest China's Chongqing ran a red light on November 15 to save a young passenger suffering from convulsion.

At about 7 p.m. that evening, Liao Fangli was on her route to Longhu Xiyuan bus station. She saw an old woman holding a young boy in her arms get on the bus anxiously. 

Liao learned that the senior was planning to send her grandson to the hospital as he was running a high fever. 

After driving past two bus stops, Liang heard loud cries. 

The young boy convulsed suddenly, which scared his grandma. As the convulsions became more and more serious, his grandma begged Liang to drive faster. 

Liang also worried about the boy. She sped up while in the meantime having to ensure the safety of the bus. 

Before passing the crossroads near the hospital, she saw the traffic light suddenly turn red. 

Considering the child's situation was getting worse and worse, she knew there was no time left. Therefore she decided to run the red light after carefully sizing up the traffic at the crossroads. 

She then asked all the passengers on the bus if they agreed with her idea. They answered in chorus that they all agreed. 

Several minutes later, they arrived at the bus stop of the hospital. The old woman and her grandson got off the bus with the help of many passengers. 

In an interview, Liao made the following remarks. 

"I also have child of my own, so I fully understood the senior's worry. Frankly speaking, at that time I had no idea whether or not the passengers would agree with my idea of running the red light, though I had decided to do so. But on hearing their unanimous reply, I knew they were all deeply concerned about the child's illness." 

"It is dangerous to run a red light. Before doing so, I've turned over the surrounding traffic in mind. Luckily, there weren't many vehicles then. That was why I materialized my idea quickly." 

According to a boss at Liao's company, Liao has driven for 16 years without causing any accident, so she will not be punished for taking this act to save a life. 

(Source: Xinhua/Translated and edited by Women of China

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