Female Official Liu Jinye: A Steel Rose Blooms on the Anti-Flood Frontline

August 8, 2016
By Zhang YongliEditor: Joyce Dong
Female Official Liu Jinye: A Steel Rose Blooms on the Anti-Flood Frontline

Liu Jinye and the relief soldiers go to rescue people trapped by the flood. [hbrb.hebnews.cn]


A female government official in north China's Hebei Province, has dedicated herself to flood-relief work for the last month after the city was hit by severe torrential rain.

Liu Jinye, the vice-mayor of Dongwang County in the city of Xingtai, rushed to the anti-flood frontline and led the relief soldiers' rescue efforts at one village after another.

On July 19, a heavy rain battered Xingtai, causing a dramatic rise of the water level across the city.

Climbing onto the top of a dyke near a village in darkness and amid the dashing rain, Liu saw the water below rising with great momentum and exclaimed, "Residents need to be evacuated immediately!"

After walking down the dyke with big, fast steps, Liu learned a group of armed police were rushing to the site and were soon to arrive.

Affected by the darkness, rain and a strong wind, the path to Dongwang Village, which Liu knows well, blurred in her cell phone light.

Liu marched ahead of the soldiers, the village in front looking just like a tiny boat floating in the rain.

When they got to the entrance of the village, people were leaving the flooded site for a safer place under the leadership of a local Party secretary, amid the shouts of adults and cries of children.

"I'm quite familiar with things here. Please follow me closely," said Liu to the relief team. The torrent flew around them more and more rapidly. Liu lost her balance and had to walk with a stick slowly towards people trapped by the flood.

"Everyone go to the southern part of the village! It's higher in elevation," shouted Liu to the villagers.

"Those strong, bring seniors and children to the center hospital first. Hurry up!"

Washed by the rain water, roads and streets became uneven. Liu and the soldiers carried out relief work in four villages that night.

The east was already beginning to grow bright without Liu's notice. After the rain stopped, it turned hot and stuffy. Liu's clothes changed from dry to wet, and from wet to dry, while her feet turned red and swollen after being soaked in the floodwater for too long. In addition, Liu shouted herself hoarse during the whole night.

"Such a female official is great! She put people's interests first regardless of her own safety," said a village cadre.

Liu's daughter performs well in school and is a sensible child, but this time there were some complaints from the 8-year-old as she had not seen her mom for a whole week.

After the flood water resided, streets and yards were covered by thick silt. Liu then became even busier, organizing clearing and reconstruction work in the daytime while keeping an eye on the water level at night in case of another flood.

"Liu is a good cadre! She is like a flag, which led us out of danger. With such cadres beside us, we have the confidence to fight the flood and rebuild our home," said a villager as he gave her a thumbs-up.

(Source: hbrb.hebnews.cn/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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