Tan Xue: the Fencer Striving for a Dream

January 8, 2007
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Tan Xue: the Fencer Striving for a Dream
Tan Xue misses the gold medal at 2004 Athens Olympics but she will do her best to win in 2008.  [southcn.com]
On December 12, 2006, Tan Xue played in the fencing team finals at the Doha Asian Games, defeating her Korean rival three times. Her team owed their victory to her outstanding performance. She also won the individual competition at this match. Now, 22-year-old Tan is the leading fencer on the team. Compared to her performance at the Pusan Asian Games four years ago, she has developed a lot. "I was not skillful enough when I participated in the Pusan Games. But this time I could relax and confront my rivals steadily and calmly," She sighed after the competition.

In the beginning, Tan ran hurdles. But later, because she admired the air of fencers in their white suits and swords, she became a fencer. Compared to the courage and agility she displays in the game, the young champion appears tender and bashful.

A naughty girl

Tan Xue is a tall and pretty girl with a brilliant smile. But to our surprise, such a pretty girl was naughty when a child. When talking about her daughter, Tan Fuyou, her father, instantly cheers up saying, "She was as mischievous as a boy. For example, one day, I got home late and her mother was out. So she couldn't enter the room. Then, the naughty girl smugly sat on the roof waiting for us."

To be honest, she is really a boyish girl with courage, firmness and full of mischief. Her neighbors say that she is a very clever girl even though she acts like a boy.

After training on the team, she has grown into a mature girl. Although she has changed her hair style and pays more attention to how she dresses, she is always optimistic and enthusiastic.

A coincidence

"Tan Xue liked sports when she was a child. She trained as a hurdler in middle school and did well," her father told the reporter.

In the summer of 1998, Tan faced an important turning point in her life. In order to start a female fencing team in Tianjin, Coach Li and Coach Ning came to Tanggu to select potential players. Unexpectedly, the two coaches chose the 14-year-old girl because of her agility, explosive force and eagerness to learn. Although she did not know anything about fencing, she eventually welcomed the opportunity because she had admired them for a long time.

Three months later, Tan earned her first brass medal at the national competition in Nanjing. In 1999, she won her first championship and became the best fencer in China.

Tan Xue: the Fencer Striving for a Dream
As a pretty girl with a brilliant smile, Tan is brave and agile in the games.[sports.org.cn]
Tan is always striving for her dream, no matter what honors she has gained, such as a world championship, twice second places in Pusan and Athens, and first place at Doha. When mentioning the 2008 Olympic Games, she declared that the team dreams of winning the gold medal in 2008. "We will continue to work hard. Only by drawing lessons and making progress in every competition, can we finally make our dream come true."


Name: Tan Xue
Gender: Female
Birth Place: Tianjin
Birthday: January 30, 1984
Height: 175 centimeters
Weight: 64 kilograms
Event: Fencing

Major achievements:

In 1999 Asian Fencing championship: the individual championship; the team second place
In 2000 National Fencing Championship: the individual championship; the team second place
In 2001 World Fencing Championship: 8th place in individuals
In 2002 World Youth Fencing Competition: the female team championship
In 2002 World Fencing Cup: the team championship
In 2002 World Fencing Championship: the individual championship
In 2002 Pusan Asian Games: the second place of team and individual
In 2003 World Fencing Championship: the second place in individuals
In 2004 World Fencing Cup in Italy: the second place in individuals
In 2004 Athens Olympic Games: the second place in individuals

(Source: sina.com.cn/ Translated by Women of China)

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