ACWF Reform Shows Fruitful Results over Past Year

August 10, 2017
Editor: Alice Shang

Reform measures introduced by the All-China Women's Federation (ACWF) over the past year have achieved fruitful results, according to the federation's vice president, Song Xiuyan.

This year marks a great achievement in the ACWF reform in terms of its force, depth and scope.

Last year, the General Office of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee announced a plan for ACWF reform in response to President Xi Jinping's remarks on mass organizations.

Between May and July, members of the Secretariat of the ACWF made inspection tours to check the reform results.

During their tour, officials from the ACWF and six groups under their leaderships held over 40 lectures on research symposiums; and, traveled to more than 100 cities, counties and villages, as well as over 300 grassroots women's federations, and newly-built production and construction corps in 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.

Six new features

As the reform moves forward, its force, depth and scope have been strengthened.

The Federation's reform achievements over the year have shown six new features, according to Song.

First, a new pattern of the ACWF reform has come into shape under a strong organizational leadership.

A new frame of the ACWF has also been formed by emphasizing top-level design.

Additionally, reform in leadership and institutes has been transformed by insisting on reform from the source.

Furthermore, reform in key parts has made breakthroughs.

In addition, reform has stimulated vitality among the women's federations.

Last but not least, tangible benefits have been achieved from the organization's reform.

New Pattern

The ACWF led the organization's reform by revolutionizing itself comprehensively.

The Federation held symposiums for Party groups and the leading team for comprehensively deepening reform to convey the remarks of Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee in a timely manner.

In addition, the organization gave more guidance on women's federations nationwide by holding several training courses for leaderships and the presidents of local women's federations; devised statistical accounts for the implementation of reforms; and, listed key tasks and major policies.

Furthermore, provincial level Party Committees have paid attention to the Federation's reform. They have checked the ACWF reform according to high standards and gave their advice on overall planning, providing strong support.

Thanks to all these concerted efforts, an efficient pattern of the Federation's reform featuring Party Committee unified leadership, multi-sector cooperation, ACWF operation and public participation has taken shape.

New Framework

The ACWF devised and issued implementation schemes for its reform in a timely manner. It drafted specific measures to solve different problems, broke down and distributed tasks, and formulated timelines for tasks.

Key and difficult tasks have been given great importance, and regulations and measures have been applied to overcome difficulties. Other measures are also being drafted at the same time.

In this way, a practical and promising reform blueprint has come into being.

Provincial level women's federations devised a proper reform plan, adhering to the spirit of the CPC Central Committee.

So far, 30 women's federations have published their plans and implemented them after being approved by local Party Committees.

New Image

The goals of women's participation in the Standing Committee of the ACWF and the executive committees are almost achieved.

In some provinces, the proportion of female representatives has reached over 73 percent.

Furthermore, the reform optimized the institutional structure of the federation, including the Organization Department, and the International Liaison Department, the Department of Family and Children's Affairs as well as the Publicity Department.

The ACWF has published standards and implementation schemes to select officials to take a temporary post or a part-time one.

To keep and improve the fine conduct of officials, a women condition research diary regulation has been carried out to encourage officials to better serve the people.

Over 200 officials went to grassroots areas to inspect targeted poverty alleviation and to communicate with 110,000 women face to face.

New Breakthroughs

Nearly 460,000 women representatives on village and community level were transformed into women's federations, accounting 67 percent of the total, statistics indicated.

Around 700,000 Women's Home centers were founded to provide their services for local women directly.

More than 20,000 women's federations on village level have achieved their regional building reform which aims to unite women in the whole area, with a coverage rate of 48 percent.

Women's federations around the nation have constantly explored actively to found diverse women related organizations suiting local's circumstances.

Figures indicate that more executive committees have been appointed: 3.04 million more in villages and communities and over 200,000 in townships.

Furthermore, women-related work online has made breakthroughs.

Figures showed that the women's federations have established over 6,700 websites and new media platforms as well as around 900,000 groups on WeChat, a popular messaging app in China, to connect some 110 million women and officials from different parts of the country.

Around 80 percent of women's federations in villages and communities from over two thirds of provinces across the nation have conducted work on the internet, and some 80 percent of the other third have set up work groups online, statistics indicate.

Women's federations have also launched many official niche WeChat accounts to spread knowledge on how to nurse the elderly and youngsters, and references on how to cook.

New Vitality

The ACWF adheres to the CPC leadership to maintain and further enhance organization's politically advanced nature of serving people.

It has held several Party-themed activities such as Five Years On: Boosting 'She' Power and Promoting People-to-people Exchanges and Five Years On: Follow the Party's Lead and Greeting the 19th CPC National Congress.

To guarantee women are at the frontline of deepening reform, boosting development and keeping stability, the Federation has earnestly organized various events such as China Women's Entrepreneurship Innovation Contest and Looking for the Most Beautiful Family.

To keep close relations to the people, the Federation carried out efforts to protect women's interests and rights. In this way, it not only fulfills its own responsibility but also gains public support for the Party.

New Changes

More women's organization attendees, wider organization coverage, and more problem-oriented services make a more cohesive and broader-based Federation with stronger service capabilities.

Grassroots women said that they have a closer tie with local federations.

Newly-elected executive committee members said that they felt more responsibility, as well as honor, to join the organization to serve women across the country.

Leaders from the Party and the government conceive that the intensity and scope the women's federations' reform is revolutionary.

(Source: Women Voice/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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