Origins of Style

June 15, 2019
By Xu HaoyuEditor: Li Haoran

[China Daily]


In the past, bells made of different types of copper and silver were hung around the necks of the horses to help people distinguish between the caravans. During one scene of the show, the bells were rung aloud to remind people of the city's history.

To find inspiration for her next collection and to prepare for the show, Ma visited the towns and villages where the Lahu, Yi, Hani, Va, Blang people and other ethnic groups lived.

"I was deeply impressed by the love the local residents have for their culture," says Ma, who is wearing a long black dress covered with elaborate embroidery. "No matter where they are or where they go, they sing folk songs and wear their indigenous costumes. The traditional elements in their lives bring them peace and joy. And the relaxing and free living environment there seems so fresh to me as a city dweller."

Ma says she spent months in Yunnan collecting local fabrics and patterns, learning about the embroidery and the craft of tie-dyeing and experiencing the local customs and lifestyle.

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