Taiwan Chung-hua Woman Party Assists Spouses from Mainland

April 8, 2014
Editor: Yulanda Wang
Taiwan Chung-hua Woman Party Assists Spouses from Mainland
Tu Minghui[China Times]

"Spouses from the mainland are talented. Some are highly educated people, and some have earned a lot of money. Chung-hua Woman Party provides a platform to facilitate exchange, free legal advice and assistance in finding jobs," said Tu Minghui, chairperson of the Chung-hua Woman Party.

Founded in 2009, the Taiwan Chung-hua Woman Party aims to promote harmonious cross-straits exchange and encourage women to become elites.

Tu Minghui has relatives on the mainland, something which surprised her when she saw them for the first time 25 years ago. Later, Tu went to Guangdong to start a business, where she met some mainland women who were married to Taiwanese men. Tu learned of the hardships these women faced in their very person "cross-straits relationships."

Tu was inspired after talking with these women, so much so that she decided to return to Taiwan and establish the Taiwan Chung-hua Woman Party. The Party is on a mission to create favorable conditions for promoting cross-straits non-governmental exchanges and stabilize families and thus the whole of society.

Women who get help from this Party give credits to it and hope it will help them to get a Taiwanese ID.

(Source:  chinanews.com/Translated by womenofchina.cn)


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