Emma Stone Reveals Gender Pay Gap in Hollywood

July 10, 2017
Editor: Candy Liao

The Oscar winner Emma Stone said her unnamed male co-stars had to cut their pays to tackle inequity.

Gender pay gap is not a new in Hollywood – Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chastain, and some other Hollywood stars have all openly argued against it.

Emma Stone, the "La La Land" actress, pointed out in an interview with 'Out' magazine, "That's something they do for me because they feel it's what's right and fair."

Stone marked this selfless act as a good offer for female stars to reach equity in Hollywood, but it doesn't seem to be a life-changing solution to close the gap of gender disparity.

As the gender equality is not about making some people sacrifice to reach the equity or drag man down, it is about bringing everyone at the same level.

Stone address that the thing is not about "Women are this and men are that" but it is "We are all the same, we are all equal, we all deserve the same respect and same rights."

And it's not any actress's co-star's fault that caused pay discrepancies, and it should not be anyone's responsibility to cut wages and to reach the "equity".

The screenshot from Battle of the Sexes film trailer.

Stone's voice is just coming out at the right time as she is playing a leading role of former tennis player Billie Jean King, in the upcoming film Battle of the Sexes.

The movie is a real-life story of an athletic superwoman win over a male tennis player Bobby Riggs in the famous 1973 tennis match.

Ironically, just like Billie King story, there are more and more films hitting the big screen talking about diversity and equality, but it seems these features don't even exist in Hollywood itself.

If the gender issues cannot be addressed, who can guarantee the hard work of these actresses? There are women in Hollywood who are in a real battle of the sexes of their own.

(Source: Ecns.cn)

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