Sun Li
Sun LiSun Li (born September 26, 1982) first entered show business by participating in 2001's Star Search, held by Singapore's MediaCorp. She reached the finals and although she was not placed in the final rankings, she earned the praise of judge Andy Lau. In 2003 famous author and TV producer Hai Yan selected her for the female lead in the TV drama version of Jade Goddess of Mercy, after which Sun became recognized as one of the most promising young actresses in China. She mainly gained fame in China with the 2007 TV series Once Upon a Time in Shanghai (a mainland remake of the Hong Kong version made 25 years earlier). In 2008, she notably portrayed the heroine Little Tiger in the acclaimed mini-series Iron Road, only the second joint venture created under Canada/China co-production treaty established in the 1960s. In 2011, she played Zhen Huan in the TV series of Hougong Zhen Huan Zhuan.