Jiangsu Establishes More Women's Federations, Serves More Women

 November 19, 2019
Jiangsu Establishes More Women's Federations, Serves More Women
A poster for explaining the goals of the Yunmanman Women's Federation in East China's Jiangsu Province, established by Jiangsu Manyun Software Technology Co. Ltd., China's first freight dispatching platform [Jiangsu Women's Federation]


The Jiangsu Women's Federation defined 2019 as the year of deepening its reform of the five-level women's federation system. The province's women's federation has urged the women's federations, at all levels, in the city, to focus on Party building and the establishment of the women's federations in diversified forms in "four new" fields — new sectors, new business types, new social classes and new groups. More than 6,300 women's federations have been established in the province till now, which promotes the development of the new pattern of women's work.


Jiangsu Establishes More Women's Federations, Serves More Women
The founding ceremony and the first women's congress of the Yunmanman Women's Federation, established by Jiangsu Manyun Software Technology Co. Ltd., China's first freight dispatching platform, is held on December 28, 2018. Forty-seven women representatives from the company, women truck drivers and wives of truck drivers attended the congress. The congress elected the executive members of the first executive committee of the federation. [Jiangsu Women's Federation]


Jiangsu Manyun Software Technology Co. Ltd., China's first freight dispatching platform based on cloud computing, big data, mobile internet and artificial intelligence, established its women's federation at the end of 2018. 

The company offers services to 290,000 female truck drivers and over 6 million wives of truck drivers around the country, and it invites the outstanding women among them to work as members of the executive committee of the company's women's federation. 

The federation holds a series of selection activities, including electing the most beautiful wives of truck drivers, to set role models for women.

Ma Guizhen, co-founder of the company and president of the company's women's federation, said the federation  makes efforts to show respect and love to women truck drivers and wives of truck drivers.

Under the guidance of Haimen (a city in Jiangsu Province) Women's Federation, Suhong Lyuhai Group established its women's federation in August 2017. Zeng Yan was appointed president of the company's women's federation.

Zeng said that there were a large number of rural women working in the fruit industry, and federation would lead the women to play a role in rural revitalization and high-quality growth.

Jiangsu Establishes More Women's Federations, Serves More Women
A poster for explaining the goals of the Hongshuwang Women's Federation, established by a Nanjing-based cultural company specializing in online literature [Jiangsu Women's Federation]


A Nanjing-based cultural company, specialized in original online literature, established its women's federation in 2017, aiming at guiding 4,800 female writers who have contracted with the company to create positive works that reflected the construction of the socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era for 17 million women readers of the literature website operated by the company.

Saihongqiao Subdistrict is located where Yuhuatai District borders Qinhuai and Jianye districts in Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu Province. Many migrant workers live and work in the subdistrict. At the beginning of 2018, the women's federation of the migrant people in Nanjing was established in the subdistrict's Andemen Community. Hou Liping, 51, was elected president of the federation.

"I migrated to Nanjing from Anhui Province for work more than 20 years ago. I am glad to help migrant women in Nanjing solve their problems and give them some comfort. Last year, the federation strove for getting the qualification of attending free maternal-child nursing training for women newcomers. Seven migrant women gained the opportunities and received the junior certificate of maternal and infant care after the training. We have the responsibility of gathering the women through various methods," said Hou.

Jiangsu Women's Federation has promoted the establishment of women's federations in office buildings, business districts, industries and farms, as well as explored how to establish women's federations in the field of media, e-commerce platforms and industrial chains, said Zhang Tong, President of the Jiangsu Women's Federation.

The province's federation urged appropriate measures to help women groups who had close relationship with the women's federations to establish their own women's federations.

Efforts should also be made to improve the organization mechanism and support the women groups, whose members scattered in different places, to organize activities, as well as to integrate them into the organizational system of the women's federation.


(Source: China Women's News/Translated and edited by Women of China)


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